Fire Blog Roundup: Endurance, Ventilation, and FDIC International

Last week we were in Indy at FDIC International 2016, and Ian Schulte reflects on his experience at the conference in his blog below.

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Dave McGlynn      

Inheriting Abused Firefighters

If we inherit a firefighter who came up under a bad leader, we are obliged to give them a better experience, Dave McGlynn writes.

The Arrogance Ladder

Have computers, e-mail, and cell phones helped create a group of officers who have mastered the skill of admiring themselves in the mirror? A new one from Warren Cersley.
Ian Schulte      

The Greatest Week of the Year

Ian Schulte looks back at FDIC International.

Tactical Ventilation Redefined

Mark Cotter writes about putting theory into practice.
Dan Miller      

Does Certification Equal Performance?

Candidates for certification should be required to show the skills and judgements needed for when they hit the street, writes Dan Miller.
Brad French      

Studying the Past

Company officers must take on the role of unofficial fire historian to the next generation, Brad French says.
Jarrod Sergi      

The Domino Effect of Your Leadership

There may be days when you feel your leadership is completely disconnected, but never give up, Jarrod Sergi writes.
Doug Cline      

When Opportunity Presents

What you give others as a mentor, a public servant and as a friend costs you NOTHING. So why are we so reluctant to give freely? A new post from Doug Cline.
Nick Ledin      

SAFE Fireground

Although an absolutely safe fire scene is absurd and impossible, this doesn’t stop us from striving to make it a little safer through training, Nick Ledin writes.
Frank Viscuso      

The Value of Endurance

Become a person who exemplifies the ability to persist and persevere, says Frank Viscuso.

White Flag Leadership

Leaders don’t carry a white flag, they plan to win, says Warren Cersley.

The Ventilation Revolution

New information brings new understanding, Mark Cotter writes.
Frank Viscuso      

Culture Creators vs. Yes Men

Frustrated workers are often misunderstood. More times than not, they are the people who care the most, says Frank Viscuso.
Doug Mitchell      

Student or Master

Is it even possible to attain “mastery” of firefighting? Doug Mitchell has the Sunday Preach.

The Old Stuff

“Someday, in the blink of an eye, it will be the time to look back and to reflect on what you did with your life.” A new one from Warren Cersley.
Grant Schwalbe      

Modified FDNY High-Rise Load

Grant Schwalbe discusses how his department revamped its high-rise setups and bundles.
Nicholas Papa      

Combating Vertical Fire Extension

Nicholas Papa has an incident report that underscores the need to be versatile when confronted with various challenges on the fireground.
Doug Cline      

The Gift

Doug Cline challenges you to understand and never neglect to use your gifts, especially when it comes to your fire service mission.

The 10 Percenters

Call them whatever you want, they are our best firefighters. It’s an exclusive club, but its doors are open, Joseph Kitchen writes.


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