Fire Blog Roundup: Memorial Day, Quint Crews, and the Case for Fire Sprinklers

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Joe Pronesti      

Simulation: Multi-Family Fire

Joe Pronesti shares a new simulation of a working fire in a multi-family residential.
David Rhodes      

How Many Have Sacrificed?

David Rhodes reflects on the price paid for freedom.
Dave McGlynn      

Passion: The Six Stages of the Double-Edged Sword

Dave McGlynn comments on the bad and the good of passion.
Chad Menard      

Quint Crews

Chad Menard says these firefighters need to be a cut above the rest.


Dan Shaw      

Never Forget and Always Be Grateful

A Memorial Day message from Dan Shaw.
Lou Comenale      

Tradition. Pride. Dedication. Self-sacrifice.

Lou Comenale on harnessing the enthusiam of the upcoming generation.
Joe Pronesti      

The Showroom Bumpout

Joe Pronesti on an overlooked but perhaps easy access point below your “Main Streets.”


Get Like You Was

Sometimes in life and work we wake up, look back, and find we have slipped away from the real and important things, Warren Cersley writes.

John K. Murphy      

Selecting Diverse Fire Instructors

How does a fire chief or training officer select a diverse cadre of instructors for fire academies? John K. Murphy has some thoughts.
Jarrod Sergi      

It’s Just a T-Shirt

Jarrod Sergi: Anyone can wear a shirt with gold letters on their backs, but does your performance warrant it? 


Why Departments Need to Hire Military Veterans

A new commentary from Joseph Kitchen.

Brian Brush      

Smooth Bore Nozzle Advancement

Brian Brush on changes to the smooth bore.

Isaac Frazier      

Dash Alternative

Isaac Frazier has a dash displacement alternative in this week’s tip.

Mark vonAppen      

Crew Expectations

Mark vonAppen on mutual expectations and standards.


Rick Ennis      

It’s Time to Pull Our Heads Out of…the Sand

Rick Ennis on the case for home fire sprinklers.


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