Fire Blog Roundup: Fireground Experience, Drones, and Firefighter Morale

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Bill Carey      

What Is Experience?

How much of your time is real, task-oriented working experience? Read a new one from Bill Carey.
Chris Langlois      

Art of War for Fire Service Leadership and Combat

Chris Langlois has part one of thoughts on a classic treatise.
Art Goodrich      

‘Firefighters Are Priceless…’

Art Goodrich has two episodes from his firefighter fiction series, “The Adventures of Jake and Vinnie.”

Legacy vs. Impact

What’s the difference between legacy and impact, and which should we concern ourselves with? Martin Benjamin on achieving a degree of work and life balance.
John K. Murphy      


John K. Murphy on some of the legal angles this promising new technology has for the fire service.
Ron Kanterman      

The Underdog

Subbing for Ron Kangerman (left), guest blogger Rob Beattie says firefighting is founded in the spirit of the underdog. 
Joe Pronesti      

Carriage House Fire with a Victim

A new fireground simulation from Joe Pronesti.

Chris Willis      

Why Do We Eat Our Own?

Chris Willis on the thin line between learning from other people’s fires and Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

Mark Cotter     


Mark Cotter blogs about what fire science research suggests for firefighting.

David Rhodes      

How Is Your Morale?

David Rhodes brings you the Hump Day SOS.
Dan Kerrigan      

Fitness Success

Dan Kerrigan writes about International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week.
Dave McGlynn      

Tips for Success

Officers must look to inspire new people, Dave McGlynn writes.
Chad Menard      

Improving Morale from the Company Officer Level

Can the company officer make an impact all alone? Chad Menard has some thoughts.


Jarrod Sergi      

Tips for the New Truck Officer

…from a new truck officer. Read a new blog from Jarrod Sergi.

Doug Mitchell      

Be Great!

Be better today than you were yesterday, and tomorrow better than today, Doug Mitchell says.

Isaac Frazier      

The Walkaround

Isaac Frazier asks: What are you accomplishing during your extrication walk-around? 


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