Fire Blog Roundup: Motivation, Hinges in Extrication, and Conduct Unbecoming

This week we have a few new bloggers on the Fire Engineering roster, including Dave McGlynn, whose second blog deals with motivation in the fire service; and Mike DeVirgilio, who discusses the loss of institutional knowledge and mentorship.

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Jonah Smith      

Pride in Preparation

There is no better way to judge the company pride of an engine than to examine its hose loads, wries Jonah Smith.

Mike DeVirgilio      

Accidental Mentor

We are continually losing those who have the fire experience and institutional knowledge, writes Mike DeVirgilio.
John K. Murphy      

Conduct Unbecoming

What does such a charge mean, exactly? John K. Murphy has another legal lesson.
Jason Hoevelmann      

Being the Right Kind of First

Jason Hoevelmann: It’s not about “you” in the sense that you put yourself above others, instead it’s about what you do first.
Isaac Frazier      

Hinges: Cut or Spread?

Isaac Frazier tackles the age-old question in this week’s vehicle extrication “Quick Tip.”
Dan Shaw      

Give Your Ladders a Little Love

“A clean tool is a happy tool, and portable ladders are no exception.” Read more from Dan Shaw.
Joe Pronesti      

The Mixed-Use

This week’s simulation from Joe Pronesti involves a two-story mixed-use dwelling.

Dave McGlynn      

Motivational Misfortune

Motivation in the fire service is just a crucial as leadership, Dave McGlynn writes.


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