Fire Blog Roundup: Tool Quality, Haters, and Winning Teams

Check out a roundup of some posts by the featured Fire Engineering bloggers, including some advice from the Old Testament that can be brought to bear on modern issues for firefighters, some thoughts on tool quality, and more.

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Nick Ledin      

Quality Matters

Whether it’s halligans, hooks, or hoses, the sad truth is that too many firefighters are using inferior tools, Nick Ledin writes.

Firefighters and Divorce

Joseph Kitchen has some advice for both officers and firefighters on dealing with a difficult life event.
William Knight     

Haters Gonna Hate

William Knight has an Old Testament story that has direct parallels into firefighters’ lives and careers.


Speaker Proposals

Mike McEvoy has some tips for prospective conference speakers and presenters.


Doug Mitchell      

The Grass Is Always Greener…?

In the end, there’s no place like home, Doug Mitchell says.

Frank Viscuso      

A Stronger, Wiser You

Every adversity you and the team you are leading will ever encounter is either a problem or an opportunity, says Frank Viscuso.
Doug Cline      

The Building Blocks of a Winning Team

It is important that we know what it takes to create a winning team in an evolving fire service, Doug Cline writes.


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