Fire Blog Roundup: The Greatest Gift, Merit, and the Persistence of Brotherhood

On the Internet–or fire service Internet, at least–you may often encounter the sentiment that “brotherhood is dead,” but William Knight is having none of it. “If service and selflessness are the foundation of this profession, then brotherhood is the mortar that holds all the other pieces of our house together,” Knight writes in his latest blog. Read the rest of his commentary below.

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William Knight     

Am I My Brotherhood’s Keeper?

Is brotherhood dead, or is it just you…or your department? William Knight on the glue that holds the fire service together.
Joe Pronesti      

The Main Street 360

Joe Pronesti on applying this size-up approach to buildings in your “Main Street” areas.

Frank Viscuso      

The Greatest Gift

Frank Viscuso shares an emotional scene from the book Common Valor.

Fire Jealousy

Quit being jealous of people who go to fires, Zach Schleiffer writes.
Isaac Frazier      

Dash Butterfly

Isaac Frazier has a new vehicle rescue quick tip on how to “butterfly” the dashboard.
Frank Ricci      

Merit and Why It Matters

Frank Ricci offers his take on the case of FDNY Deputy Chief Paul Mannix.
Billy Greenwood      

Organizational Assessment from the Department Head

Billy Greenwood discusses the basic foundation or fundamentals of fire service organizational behavior.

Why We Train

Andy Marsh offers this new critique on the reasons training is so important to outcomes.

The New Rules

Mark J. Cotter continues his look at Modern Fire Attack methods


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