Fire Blog Roundup: Checking the Resume, the Ego-Driven Firefighter, and the Warrior Mentality

In a blog this week, Columbia (SC) Battalion Chief Nick Martin brings up a salient point: how do you know whether the information you’re reading on the Internet is being written by someone with credibility and experience in the field? This is especially important in the fire service, where “content” and viral ideas can impact tactics. It’s not just a question of scholarship when lives are at stake.

Fire Engineering magazine has a long history of its articles being reviewed by our technical board, which is comprised of expert firefighters from around the nation. Martin urges the reader to be keenly aware of where the information their reading is coming from.

Read Nick’s blog and other commentaries from members of our blogging community below.

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Isaac Frazier      

With Training…Don’t Be An Inbred!

You can gain lifesaving knowledge by keeping an open mind and searching for another way, says Isaac Frazier.
Mark Cotter     

Check for Yourself

Mark Cotter on going directly to the source for fire dynamics research info.
John K. Murphy      

Hiring Disabled Vets

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may have major legal implications for your department, John K. Murphy writes.
Art Goodrich      

Truck Ops According to Vinnie

Art Goodrich returns with another episode of his firefighter fiction series, “The Adventures of Jake and Vinnie.”

David Werner


Fire Service Drones

We already have everything we need to gather time saving information on the fireground, writes Dave Werner.
Nick Martin      

Check the Resume

There is no experienced technical editorial panel for the Internet, so let the reader beware, Nick Martin writes.

Firefighters Are Never Really on Vacation

Joseph Kitchen on his recent visit to Washington, D.C.
Aaron Heller      

The Ego-Driven Firefighter

Ego and arrogance has to be left at the firehouse, in your gear or locker at the end of the shift, Aaron Heller writes.
Joe Pronesti      

The Mini Big Box Store

Do you have these buildings in your area? A new fireground sim from Joe Pronesti.

Dan Shaw      

Success or Failure?

Dan Shaw asks: Do you have a plan for water supply on every fire-related call you run?
Mike Alt      

Keyboard Experts

How much experience is enough to comment? Mike Alt offers some thoughts.
Paul M. Rank      

Firefighting 101

Paul M. Rank writes on the importance of the basics.
David Rhodes      

Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Warrior Mentality

David Rhodes has the Hump Day SOS.
Joe Pronesti      

The Large Victorian and Pocket Doors

The sliding pocket door was a common addition to legacy homes and can be a contributor to vertical fire spread. A new fireground simulation from Joe Pronesti.

Mark Cotter     

Structural Firefighting for Dummies

Mark Cotter offers his take on the firefighting acronym SLICE-RS.

Frank Viscuso      

Are You Committed?

Committed people follow through on what they say they are going to do long after the mood they were in when they said it has passed, says Frank Viscuso.
Jonah Smith      

Sizing Up the Situation

The first-arriving officer can set the tone of the incident quickly, writes Jonah Smith.


What Does ‘Unlimited Passion’ Mean to You?

Being a passionate firefighter is a common theme, but what does it really mean? Joseph Kitchen has more.
Frank Ricci      

Hitler Takes A Position on Tactical Debate

Frank Ricci on freedom of expression, taste, and history.


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