Fire Blog Roundup: Ownership and Entitlement, Vertical Ventilation, and Forcible Entry Future

Earlier this month, Fire Engineering author Frank Viscuso helmed a highly attended Webcast, “Step Up and Lead,” sponsored by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. In this presentation, Frank discussed the most critical traits for leaders in the fire service (watch the archive HERE), and he has been expounding on these themes in recent blog posts. Read some of them below.

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Frank Viscuso      

I Dare You to Read This!

Frank Viscuso on the ownership mentality versus the entitlement mentality.

Vertical Vandalism

Mark J. Cotter asks: How much risk and damage is acceptable just to remove smoke?
Jeremy Rebok      

Remind Yourself What You Stand For

Tradition and pride do not have to die just because you change how you operate, Jeremy Rebok writes.
Frank Viscuso      

Ready, Aim…Aim…

Trust and respect are cornerstones of leadership. Without them you are not a team. Read more from Frank Viscuso.
Doug Mitchell      

Crystal Ball Not Required

If you are looking to see potential forcible entry challenges in the residential setting, often you need to look no further than your local hardware store, writes Doug Mitchell.
Joe Pronesti      

Kitchen Table Study

Grab your laptop or mobile device and search out the many different mapping and G.I.S. programs on the Internet, says Joe Pronesti.

Evaluate, Diagnose, and Prescribe

Warren Cersley traces the similarities between doctors and fire officers.

P.J. Norwood      

Being a Mentor

You’re a mentor, whether you like it or not. P.J. Norwood shares a guest post by John Fogg
Kiel Samsing      


It seems the most dangerous part about being a firefighter is not firefighting but the lack of attention and understanding of the true causes of death, writes Kiel Samsing.

Getting the Job Done

Your decision-making capability is expanded by developing and using SOPs–as long as you take the time to train on them, Ricky Riley writes.
John K. Murphy      


A recent uptick in this crime is an embarassment for the fire service, writes John K. Murphy.
Brian Ward      

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Only perfect practice beyond the mastery level will make us perfect, Brian Ward writes.
Chris Langlois      

Art of War for Fire Service Leadership and Combat, Part 2

Victory happens before the fire, during our endless preparation, says Chris Langlois.
Jim Silvernail      

A Good Suppression Plan

…Is a great safety plan, writes Jim Silvernail.


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