Fire Blog Roundup: EMS Staging, Social Media, and Love

Check out some of the featured Fire Engineering blogs thus far this month, including Mike McEvoy’s recent commentary on fire-EMS staging at potentially violence incidents.

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Isaac Frazier      

Reality-Based Extrication

Are you prepared for what awaits you on the modern extrication scene? A new post from Isaac Frazier.

Small Times

An ideal strategy for the minimally staffed? Mark J. Cotter shares his views on SLICE-RS.
Becki White      

Social Media Survey

Does your department use social media to educate and inform the community?  Do you wish they would? Help Becki White by completing this survey.

Doug Mitchell      

Be Good to Each Other

Doug Mitchell: “Sometimes I wish I could recall more of the details of that fateful day 15 years ago, and the week and months that followed… other times I am glad that I cannot.”
Angie Hughes      

Love of Both Families

When Angie Hughes’s family faced an imminent crisis, her second family–the fire service–stepped in to help.
Ron Kanterman      

September 11, 15 Years Later

Ron Kanterman reflects on the terror attack that changed our nation.

Five Steps to Preplanning Elevator Emergencies

AB Turenne on being prepared and proficient for these incidents.

Clay Morgan      

Immoral, Illegal, Unethical, and Unsafe

It’s not very often, but sometimes we see some bad things go on behind the scenes at our fire stations. Clay Morgan has a reminder about things that violate the fire service’s principles.
Michael Lloyd      

How Well Do You Know Your Crew?

As the leader of your crew, do you know the people you are working alongside? A new post from Michael Lloyd.

EMS Wake-Up Call

Situational awareness needs to be resuscitated in EMS, writes Mike McEvoy Our providers need training in recognizing and diffusing hostile events, minimizing risks, and preventing injuries when violence erupts.


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