Fire Blog Roundup: Ballistic Vests, Company Officers, and The Mission

Read a roundup of some of our most recent Fire Engineering blogs, including David Polikoff on basic firefighting skills, Art Goodrich remembering a notable training death, and more.

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David Polikoff

Has the Mission Changed?

David Polikoff asks: Are we focusing too much on specialty skills that fill up the day and make it difficult for non-specialty team members to go out and practice fire skills?

Clay Morgan

Agricultural Emergencies

It’s harvest time once again in the South. Clay Morgan has a review of emergencies that may force firefighters to work outside their comfort area.

Remembering Bradley Golden

Art Goodrich reflects on the tragic death of then 19 year-old Firefighter Bradley Golden, who died in a live burn training exercise in Lairdsville, New York.

False Sense of Security?

Is it the future of the fire service to be the issuing and wearing of ballistic vests? John K. Murphy looks closer at this issue

You Can’t Save them All

There will always be those who choose to not progress and choose to be a drain on you and the system. Jarrod Sergi on where officers need to draw the line.

David DeStefano

The Working Company Officer

The company officer needs to remember that his or her primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of the members, writes David DeStefano.

Michael Lloyd

How Leadership Can Affect an Organization

Leaders seek opportunities to put others interests ahead of their own, not seek to take the glory for themselves, writes Michael Lloyd.

Baptism of Fire

How are we introducing our new recruits to the basics of the job? A new post by Andy Marsh


Stop Believing Start Knowing

Sean Gray offers his thoughts on the cultural divide in this country. And how it has split the fire service when it comes to listening to the latest research.

Pay It Forward

Mentoring can be formal, but the most powerful transformations are developed from informal mentoring, Brian Ward writes


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