Fire Blog Roundup: The Tactical Debate, Risk Analysis, and Ponytails

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Steve Pegram      

Stop the Madness!

Another video clip has caused a firestorm of debate among the fire service. Steve Pegram weighs in.
John K. Murphy      

Hair-Raising Tales

I am a firefighter with a ponytail. Can my employer make me trim it or cut it off? Attorney John K. Murphy has the legal angle.

Research vs. Real World

Mark J. Cotter: How do laboratory results translate to the fireground?

It’s All About Service

Joseph Kitchen: Not everything about this career is easy, but one thing remains constant–it’s all about service.

The Front Suction

Ricky Riley: Who wouldn’t want this water supply option on their rig?
Isaac Frazier      

‘X’ Marks the Spot

Isaac Frazier shares a quick method for stabilization of heavy vehicles.
Scott Corrigan      

Beyond the Door, the Risk Analysis

Scott Corrigan: Risks can be managed by creating a culture and setting expectations–before the emergency, not at the scene.
Doug Mitchell      

Mission Critical

The engine may have changed, but the mission stays the same, Doug Mitchell writes.


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