Fire Blog Roundup: Mentors, Cyberbullying, and Vehicle Rescue

Among this week’s blogs, Stephen Raclaw reflects on PTSD, retirement, and firefighter suicide, and Michael D. Staats writes about the long-lasting effects of even seemingly minor actions.

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Balancing Act: Controlling Ventilation

Mark Cotter has part four of his series on ventilation and fire dynamics.
Billy Greenwood      

Ride or Die by the Red Box

Has “Internet training” started to influence the quality of your fireground operations? A commentary from Billy Greenwood.
Michael D. Staats      

Ripples on the Pond of Life

Michael D. Staats on how apparently inconsequential interactions can have lasting impact.
Jarrod Sergi      

Dear Supervisor, I’m Confused.

Jarrod Sergi comments on the troubling fate of passionate firefighters in some fire departments.

Standing in the Way

What are the life lessons, communications lessons, and leadership lessons that you learned as you came up on your farm? Warren Cersley shares some of his.
Isaac Frazier      

Clean vs. Dirty Rescue

Every incident will vary depending on the level of entrapment and the patient’s condition. Isaac Frazier has a new Extrication Quick Tip.
Stephen Raclaw      


The fire service is good at remembering, but why do we remember firefighter suicides in silence? A commentary from Stephen Raclaw.
Dave McGlynn      

The Power of Words

Mentors and leaders have the power to tear down or build up their teams–which will you choose? A new blog from Dave McGlynn.
Doug Mitchell      

‘Stats, What Do We Do with Them?’

The stats tell a story. Doug Mitchell brings you the Sunday Preach.
John K. Murphy      


Do not let the lessons from the death of Firefighter Nicole Mittendorff fade away into obscurity, John K. Murphy writes.

EVENT Reporting: Time To Pull the Plug?

Is it time to pull the plug on the EMS version of a very successful aviation system? A new commentary from Mike McEvoy.


Isaac Frazier      

Extrication: The Hinge Debate

To cut or spread the hinges? Isaac Frazier weighs in.
David Rhodes      

Not Everyone Makes It Home

David Rhodes looks back 10 years later on the development of the 16 Life Safety Initiatives.
Nicholas Papa      

The Four Tenets of Tactical Ventilation: Deliberate

Every fireground decision we make will, in some way, directly impact the course of the incident. Nicholas Papa has part two of his ventilation series.

Pushing the ‘Reset’ Button

Feeling overwhelmed? Joseph Kitchen has 10 ways that firefighters can get recharged.

Intended Consequences

Mark Cotter comments on the two facets of tactical ventilation.
Stephen Raclaw      

It’s Been a Year…

Stephen Raclaw reflects on his retirement from the job


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