Fire Boat for Houston, Tex.

Fire Boat for Houston, Tex.

The fire boat, the “Port Houston,” which was constructed at the yards of the Bethlehem Ship Building plant at Wilmington, Del., and which was demonstrated before the delegates of the National Fire Protection Association at their annual meeting, is the forerunner of a new feature in fire boat design.

It is the first fire boat to be equipped with Diesel electric drive engines. The propulsion machinery consists of two Winton Diesel engines, each directly connected to a Westinghouse 350 k. w. 500-volt generator with a 25 k. w. excitor. This generates the power for the 2,360-h. p., 500 volt single armature propulsion motors. A Winton engine driving 100 k. w. 270 volt Westinghouse generator will be used for auxiliary power and for emergency purposes.

The Port Houston Undergoing a Test

The pumps will deliver 7,000 gallons of water per minute at 150 pounds pressure or 3,500 gallons at 300 pounds pressure. There is the usual equipment of large nozzles, tower and turret nozzles. A cross sectional plan of the boat appeared in an earlier issue of FIRE ENGINEERING.

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