Fire Boat Powered by Outboard Motor

Fire Boat Powered by Outboard Motor

The little city of Fredericksburg, Va., has a fire boat. Its design and construction are the work of Assistant Chief J. Ford Walker. Completed, the total cost was $1,500.

A fourteen-foot seagoing model runabout was procured and powered with a nine horsepower outboard motor. A twenty-two horsepower outboard was also included in the equipment for any longer or speedier operations.

A 350-gallon-per-minute capacity pumping unit driven by a four-cylinder gasoline motor was the next acquisition. This unit is capable of supplying four 1 1/2-inch hose lines simultaneously. The pumper was mounted on a portable frame and can be set and operated in the boat, on the trailer, or at any point where needed.

A 155-volt motor-driven generator was purchased to supply illumination at night on the boat or shore. This is also a portable unit, independent and complete within itself.

Demonstrating the Fredericksburg Fire Boat. Here Two Lines Are Being Driven by the Pump.Showing the Fire Boat in Operation on a Waterside Fire

A trailer was provided to transport this equipment, so built that the pumping unit and light plant may be placed in the boat and the boat swung onto the trailer and carried with motor attached to any point and arrive ready for prompt launching.

The boat may also be used in the event of a river flood, where rescue work must be done, or other emergency.

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