Fire Buggy for Emergency Use in Du Pont Building

Fire Buggy for Emergency Use in Du Pont Building

A specially designed hand truck or “fire buggy” compactly laden with fiftyodd tools has been developed by E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company technicians for use in its Wilmington office buildings in the event of emergency.

Mounted on wheels and easily moved by one man, the truck will roll into service under a crew of seven men trained by the buildings’ fire marshal. It carries an assortment of tools ranging from five types of fire extinguishers to a jack capable of lifting three tons.

Included in the paraphernalia on both ends of the truck and along the sides of a central panel are: crow bar, sledge, goggles, shovel, electric lanterns, asbestos gloves, safety helmets, first aid kit, rope, bolt cutters, tarpaulin, as well as forty other pieces of equipment.

Du Pont Emergency Wagon and Some of Its Equipment

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