Oakland Beach, R. I.—The fire company is considering the purchase of a piece of motor apparatus.

La Salle, N. Y.—The Village Board is considering the purchase of a chemical engine.

Carteret, N J.—The Pitman Highlands Chemical Engine Company is raising funds for a new fire engine house.

Demerest, N. J.—Council has been petitioned by the fire company for a piece of motor apparatus.

Morrisville, N. J.—The Capitol View Fire Company is raising funds to purchase a new motor chemical engine.

Long Branch, N. J.—The Board of Commissioners is considering the advisability of Purchasing motor apparatus, to cost $21,000.

Moclips, Wash.—City plans to purchase a chemical engine.

Windsor, Ont.—Bids will soon be asked for a tractor and a motor service truck for the department.

Revere, Mass.—City will have another fire station.

Springfieid, Mass.—City Council has determined upon the purchase of a new motor service truck.

Portland, Ore.—Plans are completed for a new fire station at Sellwood, for which an appropriation of $10,000 has been recommended.

Toledo, O.—A plan has been submitted to the finance committee of the Council for the purchase of a $5,500 motor combination chemical and hose wagon capable of carrying fifteen men.

Hicksville, N. Y.—The Fire Commissioners have asked that 300 feet of new hose be purchased.

Linden, N. J.—The voters of the town will decide the future of the old town hall at a coming election. It is planned to convert it into a fire headquarters.

Massena, N. Y.—Village has voted in favor of a $4,000 bona: issue for the purchase of a chemical engine and for the installation of a fire alarm system.

Buffalo, N. Y.—Aldermen have authorized a deficiency bond issue of $125,000 for fire apparatus, but the councilmen have decided to wait until the fire commissioners get bids on motor apparatus before taking action on the bonds.

Uraguay. South America.—An American consular officer in Uraguay reports that his district wishes to receive catalogues of fire-fighting apparatus and appliances. Address American Consulate.

Hillyard, Wash.—Funds have been raised for a lighting system and other equipment for the fire truck.

Lewis, Kan.—A volunteer fire department will be organized.

Springfield, Ill.—Chief Peter Jacobs has recommended the purchase of a new motor-driven engine with a capacity of 700 gallons per minute to take the place of the old Silsbv engine which is 35 years old.

Audubon, N. J.—Council is planning to give the local companies more apparatus.

Harrisburg, Pa.—Department proposes to purchase two new ladder trucks, one motor pumping engine and four new tractors for steamers now in service.

Beverly, N. J.—The Beverly Fire Company No. 1 is raising funds for the purchase of a niece of motor apparatus.

Monmouth, Ore.—A new volunteer fire company has been organized, to be known as “The Volunteer Fire Fighters.”

Highland Park (Detroit), Mich.—Five new fire stations are to be erected. A fire alarm system will be installed and motor apparatus purchased.

Muskegon, Mich.—Fire department will be motorized. The first piece of motor apparatus has been decided upon.

Three Rivers, Mich.—Council has authorized the purchase of 500 feet of fire hose.

Bordentown, N. J.—A new volunteer fire company has been organized.

London, O.—Fire Chief Bvers has been authorized to purchase 500 feet of hose.

Niles, O.—Council is considering the nccessity of another fire station in the North End, which is almost without protection.

Chambersburg, Pa.—Council has decided to purchase 000 feet of hose at once and more later.

Larned. Kan.—The purchase of fire hose has been recommended by Chief A. N. Wedge.

Reynolds, Ind.—A new fire company has been organized, with. William Searcy as chief. Equipment will be purchased.

Houston, Tex.—Three additional fire stations will be erected, to cost from $7,OOO to $8,000 each. They will be equipped with motor apparatus.

Union City, Ind.—Fire hose and new gongs for the apparatus are to be purchased soon.

Lawrenceburg, Ind.—The GrcendaTe Volunteer Fire Department has been organized, with John O. Hosmer as chief. Three stations will be equipped. .

Summit Hill, Pa.—An ordinance increasing the sum to be expended for a gasoline motor-driven engine from $8,000 to $9,000 has been adopted.

Bloomfield, N. J.—The International Arms & Fuse Co., in Grove Street, will install ’a fire alarm system.

Philadelphia, Pa.—The Hand in Hand Engine Co. No. 1, which went out of existence in 1912, has been reorganized.

Leicester, Mass.—The purchase of 1,500 feet of hose is recommended by Chief Quinn.

Cheshire, Conn.—A motor wagon is proposed for this place.

Waterbury, Conn.—An appropriation of $25,000, to purchase new motor apparatus, is asked. Address Chief Hcitman.

Nyack, N. Y.—As already stated, it is likelv a motor pumping engine will be purchased.

Washington, D. C.—American Consul in Chili wants catalogues and prices of modern apparatus. No. 1S832, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Washington, D. C.

Leith, N. D.—This village will be incorporated and fire protection provided. Lee Nichols is County Auditor.

Wheeling, W. Va.—Residents of Mf. de Chantal, Pleasanton and Chantal Court have made plans for fire service for the three places. Address Andrew V. Fisher.

Bay City, Mich.—As already mentioned in this journal, improvements in the fire department are oeing agitated.

St. Louis, Mo.—Funds are being raised for the purchase of a fire engine for Midland Volunteer Fire Department.

Gilroy, Cal.—A fire alarm system will probablv be installed here. Address City Clerk F. E. Rogers.

Susanville, Cal.—Loss of $100,000 was sustained here owing to no fire protection.

Jackson, Cal.—Chief Burrows, of this place, states that the city is to have upto-date equipment, including a chemical wagon.

Hattiesburg, Miss.—A local paper says Chief Duckworth, of the Laurel Fire Department, visited Hattiesburg to inspect apparatus and equipment, with a view to rinding out what was needed for his own department.

Bloomington, Ill.—The City Commissioners state that there may be no fire apparatus purchased until next year.

Little Rock, Ark.—Pulaski Heights citizens want motor apparatus, to cost $13,000, and 25 hvdrants.

Sloatsburg, N. Y.—This town is reported to have no fire protection whatever. A volunteer organization is getting under wav. Fire hydrants will soon be installed.

Walnut Creek, Cal.—The Volunteer Fire Department will add a motor fire truck to its equipment.

Melrose, Cal.—The purchase of a piece of motor apparatus is contemplated. Address Fire Chief Whitehead.

Venice, Cal.—City Trustees have the purchase of additional fire apparatus under advisement and the erection of a fire hall in the Walgrove district.

Newark, N. J.—The Saybrook Volunteer Fire Company is making insistent demands for better fire apparatus. Plans are being formulated for raising a fund for the purpose.

Sterling, Ill.—City may purchase a motor combination chemical and hose wagon.

Bridgeport, Conn.—City is considering installation of a new alarm system.

Paso Robles, Cal.—Department may purchase a motor combination chemical and hose wagon.

Delaware City, Del.—Department will purchase a chemical engine.

Hillsdale, Ind.—Citizens will vote on a $5,000 bond issue for motor apparatus.

Millbury, Mass.—City has under advisement the purchase of a motor pumping engine equipped with hose, and the installation of fire alarm boxes.

Walton, N. Y.—Department is agitating the purchase of a chemical engine.

Trenton, N. J.—Site for fireproof building to house the central equipment of fire alarm system has been purchased.

New Haven, Conn.—Local department will purchase new apparatus, for which $27,000 has been appropriated.

Eustis, Fla.—Town Council will advertise for bids for a gasoline fire engine.


Front Royal, Va.—Bids for constructing a fire station will be received by Constructing Quartermaster, until 2 p. m., 15.

Plattsburgh, N. Y.—City Clerk E. Seymour will receive bids until 8 p. m., November 4, for installing a telephone fire alarm system.

Washington, D. C.—Bids on the construction of an engine house will be received by Chief Clerk of Engineering Department until 2 p. m., November 8.

Rochester, N. Y.—Bids on sprinklers for Iola Sanitarium will be received by II. W. Cutler, Cutler Bldg., until 10:⅞0 a. m., November 10.

Jacksonville, Fla.—Chief Engineer F. W. Bruce will receive bids until noon, November 8, for installing a sprinkler system.

Shakopee, Minn.—Bids on a motor triple combination engine will be received until 8 p. m., November 8, by J. B. Strunk, Secretary Firemen’s Relief Association.

Paterson, N. J.—F. H. Schielke, Chairman Fire Commissioners, will receive bids until 8 p. m., November 5, for installing boiler on fire engine.

Columbus, O.—Director of Public Safety will receive bids until November 4 for seven new motor-driven combination chemical and hose wagons, 2 one-ton trucks for coal supply to engine, 2 new two-wheeled front-drive tractors for steam fire engine, one new motor triple combination pumping engine, chemical and hose wagon. Address E. L. Barger, Director.

Puget Sound, Wash.—The Navy Pay Of hcc will receive bids until 10 November 9, on 7,200 feet of fire hose

Washington, D. C.—Bit Bids will be received until 2 o’clock p. m., November 18, at Room 509, District Building, for furnishing and delivering during the remaining portion of the fiscal year ending June 30th, 1910, about 25,000 feet of fire hose. Specifications and form of proposal may be obtained from Purchasing Agent, Room 320, District Building.


Martins Ferry, O.—Contracts were recently awarded for a Seagrave triple combination truck, a Seagrave combination wagon, and a Peerless car manufactured by the Highland Auto Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Newport, R. I.—Reports state that bids for fire hose were opened, as follows Combination Co., Providence, 55c,, 65c., 67½c., 70c., 75c. and 80c.; James T. O’Connell, representing Eureka Fire Hose Co., 80c., 75c.; representing Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co., 75c.; C. C. C. Fire Hose Co., two types at 70c., one at 65c.; Peckham Co., representing Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg. Co., 55c., 75c., $1.10; Stark Bros., representing Empire Rubber & Tire Co., 70c., S5c.; United & Globe Rubber Mfg. Co., 50c.; William and Charles Beck, Lawrence, Mass., 52c. and 60c.; Karl Bosfel, representing the B. F. Goodrich Co., Akron, O., 60c., 65c., 70c., 80c.

Springfield, O.—Reports state bids received for furnishing three new motor combination chemical and hose wagons, fully equipped, were as follows: KcllySpringficld, $9,300; Robinson Fire Apparatus Co., St. Louis, $4,500 each, with 10 per cent, discount on three; Seagrave Co., Columbus, $4,800 and $5, 100 each, for four and six-cylinder engines, respectively, with 3 per cent, discount for three machines; AmericanLa France, varying from $8,100 to $14.500 aggregates; Federal Motor Truck, $8,835.

Union, S. C.—Contract was awarded to the Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co., of Newton Upper Falls, Mass., for installation of alarm system, to include 35 call boxes and automatic whistle.

Terre Haute, Ind.—Contract has been awarded to Robinson Fire Apparatus Mfg. Co., of St. Louis, for 4 motor combination chemical and hose wagons, and aerial truck at an aggregate of $25,000.


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