Fire Chief Ordered Shot

Fire Chief Ordered Shot

Following an order commending the fire chief and the department of Kiev, Ukraine, (Russia) for heroism and skill in fighting a fire in the Trade Union Club there, a few days later an order was issued for the fire chief and his department to face a firing squad because of arson charges.

Six of the men including the chief will be shot; two were sentenced to ten years’ solitary confinement, and the other two must serve five years in prison.

The chief confessed that fearing that he and his men would lose their jobs because of a long period of inactivity, they had started some fires of their own. It was alleged that the fire in the club for which they were commended was started in this way.

Hartford, Conn., Has Plans for Drill Tower—Fire commissioners of Hartford, Conn., are considering plans for the erection of a drill tower that is estimated to cost $5,000. The tower will be six stories high.

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