Fire Chief Prefers Night Fires

Fire Chief Prefers Night Fires

Chief Frank Bennett, of the Durham, N. C., fire department, prefers to have his fires at night and gives the reasons why.

If he could have his way about it, he would see that none happened before midnight. He would punish day-time arson with a penalty so severe that all firebugs would join the midnight gang.

His reasons:

It takes less time for a fireman to jump from his bed into his fire-fighting togs than it does for him to run in off the street and go through the same process.

Further, the trucks can be operated at a faster speed and at a much less risk of danger after midnight.

The getaway from the fire station is executed at night with a saving of from 10 to IS seconds. It takes on an average of 25 seconds to get away in the daytime.

Chief Bennett says a test alarm was made sometime ago by insurance men and members of the fire commission just two blocks away from the central fire station. It was exactly sixty seconds later that the trucks arrived on the scene fully equipped.

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