Fire Chiefs’ Convention to Be Held in October

Fire Chiefs’ Convention to Be Held in October

Exact Date, October 11-14 Inclusive—Atlanta City Auditorium, with Liberal Space for Exhibitors, Selected as Headquarters—Good Meeting of I. A. E. E. Board of Directors

THE board of directors of the International Association of Fire Engineers, in a three-day session at the Hotel Ansley in Atlanta, completed preliminary arrangements for the annual convention. It was decided to stage the convention at the City Auditorium from October 11 to 14, inclusive.

A careful inspection of the auditorium preceded its selection. The building, which has a seating capacity of more than 7,500 persons, is used annually for the presentation of the Spring opera program of the Metropolitan Opera Company. It has three floors and a tremendous arena, providing liberal space for exhibits.

Chief McNarry, Chairman, Exhibit Committee

Chief John McNarry of Kansas City, Kan., was selected as chairman of the committee on exhibits. It was announced by Chief J. J. Mulcahey of Yonkers, N. Y., secretary of the board of directors, that all exhibitors should conduct negotiations with Chief McNarry.

Only a tentative and skeleton program was arranged at this meeting. It was decided that the first day of the convention should be spent in opening the proceedings properly and in a memorial service. On this and succeeding days there will be round-table discussions. Unfinished business from the last convention also will be presented for consideration. A valuable program of addresses dealing with problems confronting fire chiefs is to be arranged. Work on this will be put under way at once.

Sessions of Board of Directors’ Meeting

The board of directors held the first session on March 29. This was followed by two others on the succeeding two days. All of the business meetings were brief and the questions confronting the board were settied promptly and with harmony. Throughout the three days the visiting chiefs were the constant guests of Chief William B. Cody of thg Atlanta fire department. At least one get-together “feed,” either a luncheon or dinner, was held each day at the Ansley.

On the final day, just before the meeting ended, all of the chiefs were guests of Fred Houser, secretary of the Atlanta Convention Bureau. The tours of the city, on which the visitors were taken by Chief Cody, included inspections of the entire Atlanta fire-fighting facilities, the United States Penitentiary, the famous Cyclorama in Grant Park, showing the Civil War “Battle of Atlanta,” and other points of interest.

Secretary Mulcahey on Atlanta Hospitality

“I want to announce to the membership of the association just how splendidly Chief Cody has entertained us here,” Secretary Mulcahey told a representative of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. “I haven’t a doubt that if the members of the association could know the full depth and extent of the hospitality shown us virtually all of the nearly 2,100 who belong would attend the convention.

Officers and Members of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Fire Engineers Left to right they are: Chief William Bywater. Salt Lake City; Chief C. W. Ringer. Minneapolis, 2nd Vice-Pres.; H. B. Phillips, Kansas City, Asso. Member; Chief John McNarry, Kansas City, Kan.; Chief Hugo R. Delfs, Lansing; Chief Frank G. Reynolds, Augusta, 1st Vice-Pres.; Chief Geo. McDorman, Athens; ex-Chief H. F. Magee, Dallas; Chief Wm. Cody, Atlanta; Charles Berst, Atlanta. Asso. Member; Chief John F. Healy, Denver. President; Chief T. W. Haney, Jacksonville; and Chief Sam B. Boyd, Knoxville. Evidently the efficient secretary, Chief Mulcahey, of Yonkers, could not snatch time enough from his duties to pose, as he does not appear in the picture.

“Chief Cody met us with a smile and he stayed with us smiling throughout our stay here. The city officials and civic bodies gave us what really must be termed the ‘welcome of our lives’. It has been a keen pleasure to be here and we are most grateful to Chief Cody and all of Atlanta for the manner in which they have received us. I hope the membership will accept this at its face value and make its arrangements to come to the convention.”

Members and Visitors Present

Those who attended the board of directors’ session were Chief John F. Healy of Denver, president of the International Association of Fire Engineers; Chief Frank G. Reynolds of Augusta, Ga., first vice-president; Chief Charles W. Ringer of Minneapolis, Minn., second vice-president; Chief T. W. Haney of Jacksonville, Fla., former president of the association: Chief William By water of Sait Lake City, Utah, director; Chief J. J. Mulcahey of Yonkers, N. Y., secretary of the association; Chief John McNarry of Kansas City, Kan., director; Chief Hugo R. Delfs of Lansing, Mich., director; Chief H. F. Magee of Dallas, Tex., ^director; Chief Carter of Camden, N. J., treasurer; Chief A. Gertsung of Elizabeth, N. J., director; Chief James M. Armstrong of Kingston, Out., director; Chief George McDorman of Athens, Ga., member; Chief Sam B. Boyd of Knoxville, Tenn., member; Chief Cody of Atlanta, member; Mr. Charles Berst of Atlanta, southeastern agent of the Gamewell Fire Alarm Company; Mr. H. B. Phillips of Kansas City, Mo., associate member, and others.

It was explained to the representative of FIRE AND ATER ENGINEERING that Chief Cody kept the visiting chiefs’ record of engagements so full that it was possible the list of visitors prepared by Chief Mulcahey was not complete.

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