Fire Chiefs Less Paid Than Police Chiefs

Fire Chiefs Less Paid Than Police Chiefs

According to information compiled by the information bureau of the University of Wisconsin Extension Division, municipalities in the state value fire protection less than they do police protection.

Fifty-five small cities of the state provide less than five hundred dollars for a fire chief, eleven places are without a chief, and thirty-seven communities have made no provision for this office.

Several small cities pay from §2 to $5 per fire. One city of 3.500 pays its chief $2 for a day fire, and S3 for a night fire. In other municipalities the fire chief is also linked with such offices as police chief, water works superintendent, inspections, street superintendent, electric superintendent. Only 33 cities pay the fire chief more than $500 a year. Nineteen pay more than $2.000, and six more than $3,000.

Milwaukee heads the list with $6,000. Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine provide salaries of $3,600; Madison $3,300; Superior, $3,180; West Allis $3,000. These salaries nearly correspond to the salaries paid police chiefs in those cities. But whereas 111 cities pay more than $1,000 to their police chiefs, only 29 pay more than that figure to fire chiefs.

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