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COLUMBUS, OHIO, May 12, 1898.

The fifth annual convention of the Fire Chiefs’ Association of Ohio assembled at the Great Southern hotel, Columbus, Ohio, on May 11, 1898. The convention was called to order by President Manderbach at 2.30 p. m. The roll was called, aud the following responded: B. F. Manderbach, Akron; J. W. Dickinson, Cleveland; C. F. Wall, Toledo; Henry Heinmiller, Columbus; D. C. Larkin, Dayton; R. J. Lacy, Wilmington; Wm. Aungst, Alliance; Henry Wermer, Tiffin; Theo. Dickman, Wapakoneta: Stephen Genslinger, Troy; J. N. Tarr, North Baltimore; E. M. Heller, Delaware; Jacob Weber, Celiua; Wiliiam Ftes, Marion; T. M. Farmer, Bowling Green; Jacob Shaub, Piqua; Geo Foilrath, Springfield; M. F. Mader, Bucyrus; Chas. Sorn, Canal Dover; Wm. Wermer, Logan; Wm. H. Moore, Youngstown: Z. T. Dorman, Greenville; Henry A. Hills, Wyoming. Ohio.

Chief Aungst, chairman of committee appointed last year at the last convention to secure the passage of a pension law for the benefit of the firemen of the State, reported that the committee had prepared a bill and hud it presented to the legislature for passage, “but, owing to a lack of interest among the legislators, the bill failed to pass.”

Chief Dickinson related his experience in securing the passage of a bill for the benefit of his department. He said that it took both work and money to lobby it through.

Remarks favorable to the c rntinuance of the work on the passage of the bill were made by Chiefs Wall, Manderbach, Follrath, Heller, and Aungst. The report was accepted and the committee discharged.

The secretary announced the death of Vice-President Frank M Lewis, of the Lima fire department, Lima. Chief Aungst offered the following resolutions:


To the Officers and Members of the

Fire Chiefs’ Association of Ohio.


Whereas, Our vice-president, Chief Frank M. Lewis, Lima, Ohio, died on the 7th day of January, A. D., 1898, after having been engaged in the work of a fireman—acting in various capacities for a period of about eight years in all, and

Whereas, We have all r:cognized heretofore his sterling worth in the line of work in which we are associated; and

Whereas, We are thus reminded that our labors are but for a season until we shall all be called hence to give an account for the deeds done in the body;


Therefore, Be it resolved, that we are sensible of our loss and acknowledge the devious and uncertain ways of Providence that thus takes from us so active and enthusiastic a member in the full vigor of his life; and be it further

Resolved, That we extend to hisTamily our sympathy, and to his friends our earnest desire that we may keep his memory as sacred as his worth demands, and that at the last Great Day, when the rolls shall have opened in the eternal world, we may all meet with him and with each other in an eternity of continual association that knows no parting and no ending; and

Be it Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the immediate family of our deceased associate.

Upon motion, the resolution was adopted by a rising vote.

Treasurer Follrath read his report showing a balance in the treasury of $24.75.

Chief Wall spoke in favor of the Chiefs’ association uniting with the other two now existing, and making a State organization, thus securing legislative aid to the firemen. Chiefs Dickinson, Heller, Dickman,Farmer, and Sorn spoke strongly in favor of such an arrangement.

Upon motion, a committee of five was appointed to attend the meeting of the Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Firemen’s association, which is to be held in North Baltimore, on June 15, for the purpose of conferring with that association as to the advisability of combining the two in one; also to confer with the Southwestern association on the same subject. The following committee was appointed: Chiefs C. F. Wall, Toledo; Henry Ileinmiller, Columbus; J. N. Tarr, North Baltimore; T.M. Farmer, Bowling Green; E.M. Heller, Delaware. Upon, motion, the committee was empowered to select the place and time for the next meeting of this association.

The following officers were elected to serve for the ensuing year: President, J. W. Dickinson, Cleveveland; vice-president. E. M. Heller, Delaware; vice-president, William Aungst, Alliance; directors: R. J. Lacy, Wilmington, Z. F. Dorman, Greenville, and Wm. II. Moore, Youngstown,

A. W. Dolfini, of New York, was present and explained the goods he was exhibiting.

Chief Ileinmiller extended an invitation to the chiefs to visit Camp Bushnell at 9 o’clock a. m. on Thursday. The invitation was accepted.

Upon motion; a vote of thanks was extended to Chief Heinmiller for courtesies shown the association.

Among the visitors present were: T. E. Smith, Chicago, Ill.; C. H. Smith, representing Gutta Percha & Rubber Manufacturing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio; W.E. Seagrave, Columbus, Ohio; T.H. Pratt, representing Eureka Fire Hose Com pany,Columbus, Ohio; Webb Chanlee,representing the Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company, Richmond, Ind,; J. A. Maxen, commissioner, Cleveland, Ohio; N.M. McCoy, North Baltimore, Ohio

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