Arizona State Fire School—Oct. 15-17, Phoenix, Ariz. For information, contact Battalion Chief Jake Siken, Firefighting Instruction Supervisor, Phoenix Fire Department, 49 South First Street, Phoenix.

Civil Defense Instructor Training Course for Eastern Area—Aug. 24-28, Sept. 14-18, Sept. 21-25, Sept. 28-Oct. 2, Radiological Monitoring for Instructors; Aug. 31-Sept. 4, Sept. 28-Oct. 2, Principles of Organization and Staffing for Instructors; Sept. 21-25, Basic Civil Defense for Instructors. All sessions will be held at the Eastern Instructor Training Center, Office of Civil Defense Mobilization, Brooklyn 35, N. Y. For information, write the Center at the above address.

Florida State Fire College—Sept. 7-11—Units 101, 107, 201. Sept. 14-18—Units 102, 106, 202. Sept. 21-25—Units 103, 105, 204. Sept. 28-Oct. 2—Units 104, 206, 208. For information, contact W. H. Barnett, Superintendent, P. O. Box 785, Ocala, Fla.

Indiana Fire Training Program—Sept. 9-12, 26th Annual State Fire School; Oct, 27-29, Fire Inspectors Course; Dec. 1-2, Fire Management Course. All courses will be held at Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. For information, write Professor Shelby Gallien, Director, Public Safety Institute, Purdue University.

Kansas Fire School—Oct. 19-22, University of Kansas, Lawrence. Director, Clyde A. Babb, Director, University of Kansas Extension Classes, 111 Fraser Hall, University of Kansas.

Maryland Fire School—Sept. 1-4, Twenty-Sixth Annual Short Course for Firemen. All sessions will be held at the Fire Service Building, University of Maryland. For information, write Robert C. Byrus, Director, Fire Service Extension University of Maryland, College Park, Md.

Morris County, N. J., Fire School—Sept. 1, ParTroy Hills District No. 6 Headquarters; Oct. 6, Budd Lake Fire Headquarters; Nov. 10, Millbrook Fire Headquarters, Randolph Township; Dec. 8, Morristown Fire Department. For information, write Robert H. Wright, Publicity Chairman, Long Hill Lane, Chatham, N. J.

New Hampshire Fire Training School—Sept. 1920, Meadowwood Fire Department, Fitzwilliam, N. II. Further details will be available from Leo N. Sasseville, Central Station, Laconia Fire Department.

New Jersey State Fire College—Sept. 25-27, Oct. 2-4, National Guard Training Center, Sea Girt, N. J. For information, write Carl V. M. Cusumano, President, 24 Branford Place, Newark, N. J.

Ohio State Arson School—Sept. 14-18, New College of Law Building, Ohio State University. For information contact Wayne C. Jenkins, Chief of Fire Prevention, State Fire Marshal’s Office, Wyandotte Building, Columbus, Ohio.

Ohio State Fire School—Sept. 14-18. Ohio State University, Columbus. For information contact Wayne C. Jenkins, Chief of Fire Prevention, State Fire Marshal’s Office, Wyandotte Bldg., Columbus, Ohio.

Ontario Fire College—Aug. 31-Sept. 4, Basic Fire Inspection Practices Course; Sept. 1418. Fire Department Instructors’ Course, Part 1. All the above courses are to be held at the Ontario Fire College at Gravenhurst. Sept. 14-18, Thunder Bay Regional Fire School, Fort William, Ont. Sept. 21-25, Simcoe District Fire School; Oct. 5-9, Muskoka District Fire School; Oct. 19-23, Mutual Aid Forum. The events listed above are to be held at the Ontario Fire College at Gravenhurst.

Pennsylvania Fire School—Aug. 24-28, Nov. 30-Dec. 4, Fire Department Officership Course; Oct. 5-9, Basic Fire Fighting Course; Aug. 31-Sept. 4, Oct. 19-23, Fire Department Pump School; Sept. 14-18, Oct. 26-30, Advanced Fire Fighting Course; Aug. 24-28, Sept. 28-Oct. 2, Nov. 16-20, Ladder Rescue and Salvage Course. All sessions to be held at the Pennsylvania State Firemen’s Training School. For information, write Art Espey, Director, Box 631, Lewistown, Pa.

Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Fire School—Sept. 13, Truax Field Air Force Base, Madison, Wis. Secretary, Herman Pfund, New Glarus, Wis.

Tri-State Fire School—Sept. 14-18, Huntington, W. Va. For information write Captain R. M. Myers, Secretary Planning Committee, c/o Fire Chief’s Office, 816—9th Street, Huntington, W. Va.

Western Pennsylvania Firemen’s Training Institute—Aug. 24-28. Annual Fire School, State Teachers College, California, Pa. For further information contact James Silbaugh, Secretary’, Fire School Committee, Uniontown, Pa.

Wisconsin Regional Advanced Fire Protection Schools—Aug. 28-29. Beaver Dam; Sept. 8-9, Ashland; Sept. 10-11, Rhinelander; Sept. 24-25, Sheboygan; Oct. 1-3, Waupaca. For information, write William E. Clark, Supervisor of Fire Service Training, Wisconsin State Board of Vocational and Adult Education, 14 North Carroll St., Madison, Wis.

Fire Colleges

Fire Colleges

California Fire Training Program—Mar. 17-19, Oil Fire Control School, Turlock; Apr. 18—22, Fire Alarm Operation and Maintenance School, Fresno. For information, write Edward W. Bent, Supervisor of Fire Training, State Department of Education, 721 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, Calif. 95814.

Connecticut Fire Training Program—Apr. 12— 14-Connecticut Fire Marshals’ Conference. Apr. 20 28—Connecticut Fire Chiefs’ Conference. Both meetings will be held in the Auditorium, College of Agriculture, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Conn. For information, write Andrew J. Flanagan, Supervisor Firemen Training, Hartford State Technical Institute, 401 Flatbush Avenue, Hartford 6,

Fire Department Instructors Conference-Mar. 22 25, Memphis, Tenn. For information write, Emmett T. Cox, Chairman, FDIC, P. O. Box 1089, Chicago, Ill. 60690.

Fire-Explosion Investigation and Subrogation Seminar-Mar. 30 Apr. 1, Velda Rose Tower Hotel, Hot Springs, Ark. Seminar Director, John Kennedy, John A. Kennedy and Associates, 53 W. Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Ill. 60604.

Florida State Fire Training Program-Jan. 1114—Fire Service Training Improvement Conference; Feb. 21-25-Units 101, Tools, Forcible Entry, Breathing Apparatus, Extinguishers; 105, Fire Apparatus and Pumps; 106, Fire Inspection; 201, Instructor Training. Feb. 28 Mar. 4-Units 102, Hose and Ladders; 104, Fire Streams; 206, Fire Prevention and Protection. Mar. 7 11—Units 107, Arson Detection; 108, Ventilation, Salvage and Overhaul; 202, Company Officer Training; 208A, Fire Department Administration. Mar. 14 18-Units 109, Rescue; 204, Fire Fighting Tactics; 207, Fire Investigation; 208B, Fire Department Administration. All sessions are to be held at the Florida State Fire College, Ocala. For information, write W. H. Barnett, Superintendent, Florida State Fire College, Box 785, Ocala, Fla. 32670.

Maryland Fire Training Program—Feb. 8 10, Industrial Firemen’s Short Course; Apr. 4-7, Inspectors Short Course. For information, write Robert C. Byrus, Director, Fire Service Extension, Fire Service Building, University of Maryland, College Park.

Michigan Fire Training Program—Feb. 1-3, Fire Department Instructors Conference; Feb. 21 22, Fire Chiefs Conference; Mar. 3-4, Arson Control Seminar. All courses will be held on campus at The University of Michigan. For information, write Francis Hartman, Supervisor of Firemanship Training, The Civil Defense and Disaster Training Center, North Campus, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Minnesota State Fire School—Apr. 25-28, University of Minnesota, St. Paid Campus, St. Paul. For details, contact Ward E. Willford, Coordinator, Minnesota State Fire School, Trade and Industrial Education, Centennial Building, 658Cedar Street, St. Paul.

Oklahoma Fire Training Program—Mar. 9 11, Fire Department Instructors Conference, Oklahoma City Fire Department Headquarters; Apr. 25-29, State Fire School, Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City. For information, write Andy T. Miller, Executive Director, Oklahoma State Firemen’s Association, Room 400, 321 N. E. 24, Oklahoma City, Okla. 73105.

Ontario Fire Training Program—Feb. 28 Mar. 4, Staff Conference; Mar. 7 18, Basic Fire Inspection Practices Course; Mar. 21 Apr. 1, Advanced Fire Inspection Practices Course, Part 1; Apr. 4-15, Advanced Fire Inspection Practices Course, Part 2; April. 18-29, Radiological Monitoring Course for Officers. All courses are to be held at the Ontario Fire College, Gravenhurst. For information, write Walter Hardaker, Public Relations Officer, Public Information Division, Office of the Fire Marshal, 204 Richmond Street, West, Toronto 1, Ont.