May 4-6—NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION. Annual meeting, Chicago, Ill. Secretary, Franklin K. Wentworth, 87 Milk St., Boston, Mass.

May 13-15—LEAGUE OF TEXAS MUNICIPALITIES. Annual Convention, Dallas, Texas. Secretary, Frank M. Stewart, University of Texas, Austin.

May 18-20—NATIONAL FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Twentysecond annual convention, Hotel Jefferson, Peoria, Ill. Secretary Bat. Ch. Jas. Crapo, 1024 E. 73d St., Chicago, Ill.

June 8-10—FIRE CHIEFS’ CLUB OF OHIO. Annual convention, Shawnee Hotel. Springfield, Ohio. Secretary, P. J. Harty, Chief Youngstown. Ohio Sheet & Tube Co.

June 9-11— MARYLAND STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Twenty-eighth annual convention, Westernport, Md. Secretary, George R. Lindsay, Hagerstown. Md.

June 13-17—SIX-COUNTY FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Seventeenth annual convention. Pottsville, Pa. Secretary, E. F. Stevens.

June 15-16—MINNESOTA STATE FIRE DEPARTMENT ASSOCIATION. Annual Convention, Moorhead. Minn.

June 15-17—HUDSON VALLEY VOLUNTEER FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Thirty-first annual convention, Kingston, N. Y. Secretary, Christian W. Noll, 173 Union st., Poughkeepsie. N. Y.

June 16—NEW JERSEY STATE EXEMPT FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Convention, Dover, N. J. Chairman, Joseph V. Baker, Dover.

June 22-23—NEW YORK STATE ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. Annual convention, Geneva, N. Y. Secretary, Chief Henry R. Yates, Schenectady, N. Y.

July 3—NEW ENGLAND STATES VETERAN FIREMEN’S LEAGUE. Annual Muster, Portland, Me. Secretary, Patrick Manning, 31 Highland Street, Amesbury, Mass.

July 13-15—MICHIGAN STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Convention, Bay City, Mich. Secretary, H. L. Williams, Ludington. Mich.

July 26-30—INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE ENGINEERS. Forty-eighth annual convention at Toronto, Ont., Can. President, Chief John Kenlon, New York City.

July 28-29—INDIANA FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Third annual convention, Fort Wayne, Ind. Secretary, Frank H. Miller, Fire Headquarters, Terre Haute, Ind.

Aug. 3-7—DOMINION ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. Annual convention, St. Thomas, Ont., Can. Secretary, Chief James Armstrong, Kingston, Ont.

Aug. 16-20—NEW YORK STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Forty-eighth annual convention. Glens Falls, N. Y. Secretary. Thomas Honohan, Frankfort, N. Y.

Aug. 19-21—ILLINOIS FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Tournament, State Fair Grounds, Springfield, Ill. Secretary. Albert Herring, Murphysboro. Ill. Director of Tournament, Simon Kellermann, Edwardsville.

Sept. 13-16—PACIFIC COAST ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. Twenty-seventh Annual Convention, Los Angeles, Cal. Secretary. Ex-Chief H. W. Bringhurst, Seattle, Wash.

Oct. 12-15, 1920—AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENTS. Annual convention. Planters’ Hotel, St. Louis. Mo. Secretary, Chas, Carroll Brown, Valparaiso, Ind.

Adams, Mass., elected a war veteran, Harry Partridge, as chief of the fire department, succeeding Chief Jones, who had been in command 20 years.

Company School of New York Department

Special order No. 70, issued by Chief Kenlon of the New York City fire department in connection with the company school, reads as follows:

For the purpose as specified in General Order No. 72, dated December 28, 1910 (Fire College), the following companies, without apparatus, will report at Company School, at time and date specified. During the absence of companies at Company School (excepting double companies) the assignments of the absent company on first alarms will be covered by the engine or hook and ladder company, as the case may be, assigned to respond first due on second alarm, on street box assignments. All other assignments the telegraph despatches will cover by special-call signals. When companies are assigned to Company School they will be placed out of service. The companies assigned in the morning will go out of service at 8 A. M., and the companies assigned in the afternoon will go out of service at 11 A. M. Commanding officers of companies reporting for drill will furnish the officer in charge of School with a correct roster of company in attendance. In order that the time records of evolutions kept by the Chief Instructor at the Company School may, as nearly as possible, reflect the interest and capacity of officers and men, two records shall be kept: 1. Record to show the elapsed time from the moment the Chief Instructor gives his order to the Commanding Officer, until the company starts to execute the order. 2. Record to show the elapsed time from the moment the company begins to execute the order until the evolution is completed.

New Four-Wheel Drive Fire Truck

Announcement was recently made of the development of a new three-ton fire truck by the Four Wheel Drive Auto Company, Clintonville, Wis., makers of FWD trucks. This new fire-fighting apparatus contains an unusually powerful special type J. Wisconsin motor, with a five and onetenth inch bore and a five and one-half inch stroke, developing 42 H. P. S. A. E. The type B Rotary pump, driven through a two-speed transmission, has a capacity of 500 gallons at 120 pounds pressure. Complete modern fire-fighting equipment is mounted on the body, which is nine feet long, four feet wide and 22 inches deep. A speed of twenty-five miles per hour can be attained.

New 3-ton 4-wheel Drive Triple Combination

The city of Dallas, Tex., has bought a site for a new fire station which will be of the bungalow type.

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