Fire Corps Teams Can Help With Hurricane Preparedness and Response

Hurricane season is in full swing, and with Isaac poised to reach hurricane strength as it heads for the Gulf Coast today, fire departments and Fire Corps teams are at the ready. This time of year, all communities located in areas at risk for hurricanes need to be prepared.

Fire Corps teams can perform a variety of tasks to help their departments and communities during hurricane preparation, response, and clean-up. Examples of hurricane-related activities Fire Corps teams have provided include:

  • assisting with hurricane preparedness planning and drills¬†
  • going door-to-door to provide evacuation notices and recording the residents who choose to remain
  • provide timely information to the public before, during, and after a hurricane via the department’s web site, social media, and answering phone calls/storm information hotline
  • supporting firefighters as needed during fire suppression and pump outs
  • helping with cleanup activities including reporting downed trees and blocking off streets that are unsafe
  • assisting with re-occupation tasks and providing citizens with information on available resources, shelters, and local/state/federal assistance

Find resources to help before, during, and after a hurricane in the NVFC’s Hurricane Preparedness Resource Center and from FEMA.

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