Fire Course Planned for Oklahoma

Fire Course Planned for Oklahoma

Plans are being developed for an all year round, state wide, supervised course of training and instructions for firemen. The plan being considered has the approval of the Oklahoma Fire Chiefs’ Club, the Oklahoma State Firemen’s Association, the State Chamber of Commerce, the Oklahoma Municipal League and the University of Oklahoma. All of the committees met for a joint meeting to consider definite methods of organizations and ways in which the school may be financed.

The Executive Board of the Oklahoma State Firemen’s Association held a meeting to close the affairs of the association for the fiscal year. The Board of Directors of the Southwestern Association of Fire Chiefs are to meet to arrange for the convention to be held in Oklahoma City early in Match. Chief Goff of Oklahoma is making plans for the entertainment of the chiefs of the southwest when they visit his city.

Huntington Park, Cal., to Buy Pumper—Huntington Park, Cal., has recently closed bids for the purchase of a 1,000-gallon pumper.

Apparatus Delivered to Cottage Grove—A combination chemical car and hose wagon has been delivered to Cottage Grove, Cal. The department has two pieces of apparatus.

Firemen’s School Planned for Portland—C. A. Bigelow, Fire Commissioner of Portland, Ore., is considering the formation of a firemen’s school for the training of firemen. It may be patterned after the one operated by the police department which recently held its sixth graduation exercises. A member of the department may be sent to Los Angeles to obtain some suggestions for the intended school.

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