Fire Damages Peanut Plant

Fire Damages Peanut Plant

Three pump companies and one ladder company were employed to fight a fire that broke out in the plant of the Suffolk Peanut Company, Suffolk, Va. Engin Company No. 1 placed two lines in front of the building, No. 2 company placed one line to the south side and to the rear while the third company laid two lines under the tracks of the Norfolk and Western Railroad to the north side of the building. With this arrangement, the fire was under control at the end of seven hours, and the biggest part of the structure saved from damage.

The fire started on the third floor rear. The old frame four-story building was used as a cleaning unit.

The Peanut Plant Fire at Its Height

The total valuation of the property was $400,000, and the damage was adjusted by the insurance company for $20,863.

The apparatus at the blaze consisted of two 1,000-gallon pumpers, one 750-gallon pumper and a 75-foot aerial ladder under the supervision of Chief H. A. Applewhite.

Salem, Ore., Seeks New Fire Alarm—Salem, Ore., is attempting to secure a new fire alarm system. This move was recommended by the National Board of Fire Underwriters following a recent survey. It is probable that the system will have six circuits and be furnished with fifty fire alarm boxes.

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