Fire Defense Advisory Committee Reorganized

Fire Defense Advisory Committee Reorganized

Director Leo A. Hoegh, Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, recently announced a newly appointed Fire Defense Advisory Committee. The new group has been charged with the objectives of developing operational coordination of all municipal, rural and forest fire control foices; developing state and regional fire programs; developing model laws, charters and ordinances to promote effective emergency operations as well as reducing fire vulnerability in target areas and cities; sponsoring nationwide use of standard fire hose threads; promoting organization, equipping and training of fire brigades in all industrial installations; sponsoring a continuous nationwide fire prevention program; obtaining adequate radiological monitoring equipment and protective clothing for fire department personnel; developing plans for expanding fire communications capabilities; obtaining sufficient fire fighting apparatus and equipment; and coordinating all fire training schools.

The committee membership is composed of: Horatio Bond, chief engineer, NFPA; Harold Bowhay, California state fire coordinator; William D. Buck, president, IAFF; Percy Bugbee, general manager, NFPA; Robert C. Byres, director, Fire Engineering Extension Department, University of Maryland; Paul Forsyth, CD director, Denver, Colo.; Everett W. Fowler, chief engineer, NBFU; E. C. Iverson, state fire marshal, Nebraska; John C. Kabachus, secretary-treasurer, IAFF; Walter H. Kennett, CD director, Maine; Warren Y. Kimball, editor, Firemen; Keith E. Klinger, chief engineer, Los Angeles County Fire Department; Jack Lowe, CD director, Portland, Ore.; Merle S. Lowden, chairman, National Rural Fire Defense Committee, U. S. Department of Agriculture; Reynold C. Malmquist, president, IAFC; Donald M. O’Brien, editor, FIRE ENGINEERING; George R. Richardson; special assistant to the president, AFL-CIO; Henry G. Thomas, president, NFPA; B. Richter Townsend, secretary – manager, IAFC; Lewis A. Vincent; general manager, NBFU; Robert A. Young, special assistant, director of municipal surveys, NBFU.

The committee met for the first time in the Executive Offices, Washington, D. C. on November 25 and 26. Following a briefing by Governor Hoegh and Ins staff, the members began preparing an outline of responsibilities on the federal, state and local level for the fire service. A model peacetime mutual aid plan was then outlined with provisions for conversion to post-attack fire service operations. B. Richter Townsend, secretary-manager, IAFC, acted as workshop chairman.

The immediate goal of the committee is to assist in the completion of the Federal Fire Service Annex by March 1.

OCDM staff members who acted as consultants to the committee included: Barent F. Landstreet, Frank P. McNea, Frank Soracco, Clyde H. Hendrix, John J. Fitzpatrick, Wendell M. Duplantis, J. Russell Prior, George D. Rich, Gayle Starnes and C. F. van Blankensteyn.

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