Ceredo, W. Va., Has Purchased Apparatus—Ceredo, W. Va., has ordered a ladder truck.

Guymon, Okla., Installs Siren—The city of Guymon, Okla., on November 12, installed as a fire alarm a five h.p. Federal Electric Siren. T. S. Denison is Chief of the Fire Department.

Pumper Delivered to Americus, Ga.—A 750-gallon pumper has been placed in service at the central fire station in Americus, Ga.

N. Long Beach, Cal., Not to Have New Station—Plans for the proposed fire station for North Long Beach, Cal., have been delayed indefinitely.

Fire District to be Formed in Selma, Cal.—A rural fire protection district will be formed in Selma, Cal., and will include Clovis, Del Ray, Parlier, Reedly, Fowler and other communities.

New Fire Alarm Units Added in Lawrence, Mass.—Three new Gamewell punch recording alarm registers have been installed at the Central fire station in Lawrence, Mass.

Fire Apparatus Delivered to Hudson, Mich.—A new fire truck has been delivered to Hudson, Mich. The truck cost $3,500 and was purchased by voluntary subscriptions.

Pumper Delivered to Phillips, Wis.—A Seagrave triple combination pumper has been delivered to Phillips, Wis. The apparatus cost $6,500.

Fire Apparatus Delivered to Oglesby, Ill.—A Graham Brothers fire apparatus has been delivered to Oglesby, Ill. Two chemical tanks are mounted on the running board.

McKees Rocks, Pa., Will Not Purchase Apparatus—The council of McKees Rocks, Pa., has voted to get along with the fire equipment that the department has at present.

Covington, Va., Receives 1000-Gallon Pumper—An American-LaFrance, 1,000-gallon pumper has been delivered to Covington, Va., and has successfully passed the Underwriters’ tests.

Fremont, O., Considers Apparatus Purchase—At the recent election in Fremont, Ohio, a vote was taken on the plan to issue $15,000 bonds for purchase of new fire department equipment.

Pleasantville, N. Y., Has New Station—A two-story fire station has been erected in Pleasantville, N. Y. A social hall and meeting place has been provided on the second floor of the building.

Relief Association Formed in Great Falls, Mont.—Incorporation papers have been issued to the newly formed fire department relief association of Great Falls, Mont. The association will have charge of dispensing pension money.

New Pumper Delivered to Eastport, Me.—Members of the Eastport, Me., department tested out a new Maxim 500-gallon pumper delivered to Eastport, Me. It has a seventy-gallon booster tank.

Dubuque, Ia., Raising Convention Funds—A ball was held in Dubuque, Ia., on Thanksgiving Day to raise funds with which to finance the coming convention of the firemen’s convention to be held in June.

Canton, O., Has Truck for Small Fires—Fire department equipment mounted on a Ford chassis has been purchased for Canton, Ohio, so that Chief R. O. Mesnar will have apparatus for putting out small fires. There will be a forty-gallon chemical tank on the truck.

Cedar Rapids, Ia., Reduces Speed on Apparatus—Following a crash between two pieces of apparatus in Cedar Rapids, la., orders have been issued that the apparatus must not travel to fires faster than fifteen miles an hour in the business section nor at a speed exceeding twenty-five miles an hour outside of the congested area. Operating under these rules, the fire department arrived at a recent fire too late to save the building.

Fire Alarm System for Petersburg, Va.—A complete fire alarm and police signal system is being supplied for the city of Petersburg, Va., by the Harrington-Seaberg Corporation, Moline, Ill. This consists mainly of an 8-circuit fire alarm switchboard. 6-circuit police signal central officeboard, 3-battery racks and other central office equipment. There are to be 73 fire alarm boxes, 20 police boxes and 33 recall units.

Sixteen Towns in Texas Have Standardized—In conformity with the new state law, sixteen Texas towns have rechased their fire hose threads to conform with the National standard. The towns that have changed are La Grange. Flatonia, Schulenburg, Weimar, Columbus, Eagle Lake, Moulton, Gonzales, Shiner, Hallettsville, Yoakum, Fayettesville, Palestine Center, and San Augustine.

Alton, Ill., Making Survey of Section—Alton, Ill., is finding out how the nearby townships stand in reference to compensation for outside fire calls. Alton has been answering calls to districts outside of their limits and many of the calls have later been found to be for minor fires. The city has had to exercise its judgment as to the importance of the call for outside aid, and it believes that by charging for all outside calls, the difficulty will be solved.

Portland to Name Fire Boats After Chiefs—The three new fire boats being built for Portland, Ore., will be named after three men who lost their lives while in the employ of the fire department. The first boat to be launched will be the David Campbell, in honor of the fire chief who was killed in action on June 26, 1911. Another will be named after Mike Ladenklos, assistant engineer, killed on April 18, 1923. The third will be named after Karl Gttnster, hoseman, who lost his life in an apartment house fire on June 15, 1921.

New York and New Jersey Cooperate—The New York and New Jersey fire departments have worked out a plan whereby the New York department will answer all fire alarms in the Holland Tunnels received from the East Bound (south) tunnel, east of the ventilating shaft in New Jersey and all alarms from the West Bound (north) tunnel to and including the river ventilating shaft in New York. The New Jersey fire department will answer all other alarms in the tunnel. Officers who may be called to answer alarms in the tunnels have been asked to familiarize themselves with the arrangement in the tunnels.

Three Recent Pirsch Deliveries The three fire trucks illustrated in the above were recently delivered by the Peter Pirsch & Sons Company, Kenosha, Wis. The fourway ladder truck, chemical engine, hose wagon and pumper shown in the upper illustration has been accepted by the United States Navy for its Mare Island Cal., Navy Yard. The apparatus, which was successfully tested by the Wisconsin Inspection Bureau, is equipped with 750-gal pump, 600' capacity hose body, 40-gal. chemical tank, and regular city service ladder equipment. The pumper shown in the central picture is a 750-gal. unit delivered to Belleville, Ill. It is equipped with two 70-gal. booster tanks, deluge set, etc. The lower illustration shows an intermediate 600-gal. pumper delivered to Johnson City, Ill., equipped with 40-gal. chemical tank. Both of these apparatus have also successfully passed Underwriters' tests.

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