NOTE—Special Fire Business News, with proposals, etc., will be found on page 618.—EDITOR.

New Pumper for Sharon—A new Foamite-Childs triple combination pumper has been purchased for the Sharon, Pa. fire department.

South Orange to Acquire Pumper—A Stutz 750-gallon triple combination pumper has been contracted for by the South Orange, N. J., fire department.

Excellent Apparatus Line Up at Oshkosh—With two 1,000gallon pumpers recently acquired, the apparatus of the fire department of Oshkosh, Wis., consists of three pumpers, a 75-foot aerial ladder truck, a city service truck and a chemical car.

Maplewood Creates Office of Deputy Chief—Chief Baker of Maplewood, N. J., in connection with his plans to bring his department to its highest efficiency, has created the rank of deputy chief, appointing Dennis Maher to that position. Three new captains have also been selected.

Death of Three Bridgeport Members—Three deaths occurred in the fire department at Bridgeport, Conn., within a period of thirty days. The demised are: Lieutenant David J. Hegarty, Lieutenant John J. Tobin and Hoseman Charles Burks—the latter a veteran member of the department.

Canadian Town Insures Firemen—Negotiations to provide insurance for members of the Miniico, Ont., fire brigade are almost completed. Each man will be insured for $3,000 for death or total disability, with a proportionate insurance for part disability. Provision will also be made for members while recovering from lesser injuries.

Courtesy American-LaFrance Fire Engine Company


THE first duty of a newly organized fire department should be the procuring of an ample and inexhaustible water supply and all Chinese laundries ordered off the spot.

The 18th Amendment proved a fatal blow to Dingville, inasmuch as it caused an overdraught upon the water system which left the locality entirely at the mercy of the local Chinese laundry.

We have here a case where it became absolutely necessary to borrow back the village water supply to quench a neighborhood fire and many a Chinese wash check was protested as a result.

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