NOTE—Special Fire Business News, with proposals, etc., will be found on page 762.—EDITOR.

General Electric Puys Pumper for Plant — The General Electric Company has purchased a Foamite-Childs triple combination car for the protection of their plant at Erie, Pa.

Dallas Increases Fire Force—With the putting into service of the new fire station recently completed at a cost of $15,000, twenty-six new men were added to the fire department at Dallas, Texas.

New Apparatus Arrives at Cocoa—A new American-La France 1,000-gallon triple combination car has been placed in the fire department service of Cocoa. Fla., after a successful test.

Asheville Establishes Paid Department — The establishment of a paid fire department in Asheville. N. C., effected on April 1. was provided for in an ordinance passed by the board of city commissioners.

Bakersfield Receives New Pumper—Bakersfield, Cal., has installed a new Seagrave 1,000-gallon triple combination car at its fire department. The new apparatus was purchased on competitive bids and cost $13,000.

Thorough Alarm System at Kokomo—With the addition of 36 of the latest type Gamewell fire alarm telegraph boxes, Kokomo, Ind., now boasts of one of the most complete fire alarm systems in use in cities of similar size.

Albion, N. Y., Will Install New Fire Alarm—A $2,000 municipal diaphone compressed air fire alarm signaling apparatus has been purchased by the village of Albion, N. Y., whose alarm will be heard at a great distance.

February Loss at Columbia, S. C.—According to Chief A. McC. Marsh’s fire report for February, Columbia, S. C., sustained a loss of $18,246.25 for that month with a total of 58 alarms responded to, 14 of which were roof blazes.

Will Fire Prevention Instruction Cut Rates?—Fire Commissioner Allie Anderson, of Houston, Texas, recently declared that the course in fire prevention now being taught in the public schools should reduce the key insurance rate three per cent. The adoption of a standard building code at Houston will entitle the city to another reduction. The present rate is fifteen cents.

Efficient Equipment Causes Insurance Reduction at Clayton—The new fire insurance rates that have gone into effect at Clayton, N. M., arc a reduction of premium charge on every building in the city. The reduction varies from 10 per cent, on some risks to 60 per cent.—the average being 20 per cent. Fire Chief Fred Beaty has worked faithfully to perfect the organization and equipment of the fire departm i’.: in order to secure this reduction.

A BIRD’S-EYE view pf Dingville’s gorgeous Amphitheatre with the stage all set and the performance in full swing. It is our Firemen’s Field Day, with the harvesting done and the cider made and everything cut and dried for the frolic.

The champion rope skipper may he seen in the lower left angle making his two hundredth bound into space in a contest with another cripple for a brand new hickory crutch and a half case of “Never Fail” liniment. Those who are free from astigmatism may observe in the near distance many foolish antics which are calculated to develop the mind and muscle of the sluggish fireman and render him fit for perpetual duty. The hose race and aerial evolutions are not to be sneezed at. while the cavalry division is training his mount to take the barbwire, which will make it possible in future for the first aid corps to reach the seat of disturbance by means of cross lots and without the use of wire nippers.


New Hale triple combination for the town of Mifflinburg, Union County, Pa. The apparatus successfully passed the Underwriters’ test on March 18, at Buffalo Creek, near Mifflinburg, the pumper and motor operating smoothly through the test. The pumper has been accepted by the city.

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