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New Chief of Oriskany, N. Y., Fire Department—Arthur Clawson has been appointed chief of the fire department at Oriskany, N. Y.

Re-Elect Chief O’Berry, of St. James, N. Y.—Jack O’Berry has been re-elected chief of the St. James, N. Y., fire department. Irving Kimmey was appointed assistant chief.

New Fire Department at Warren Point, N. J.—Arrangements have been completed for the organization of a new fire department under the supervision of Henry R. Reese.

New Apparatus for Jackson, Tenn.—The fire department of Jackson, Tenn., is to have a new American-LaFrance type 75 triple combination car and an American-LaFrance type 14 city service truck.

Compton, Cal., May Soon Have Paid Department—Upon the arrival of new fire apparatus recently ordered it is expected that Compton, Cal., will install a paid fire department. Dewey H. Burden is chief.

Heavy Fire Losses at Fayetteville, Ark.—The fire losses at Fayetteville, Ark., since the first of the year have totaled $113,330, according to a report of Chief C. M. Winkleman. It is planned to increase the fire-fighting equipment.

Colorado Springs, October Loss $2,363 With 39 Alarms— Fire Chief F. D. McCartin’s report on the fire losses at Colorado Springs for the month of October reveals a loss of $2,363, more than half of which was covered by insurance. The apparatus responded to 39 alarms.

Tupelo, Miss., to Get New Pumper—The city of Tupelo, Miss., has awarded a $12,000 contract for an AmericanLaFrance 750-gallon triple combination car which will be delivered late this month. The old apparatus had become unequal to the present needs of the city.

Rogers, Ark., Firemen to Celebrate 36th Anniversary— The Rogers, Ark., fire department will celebrate its 36th anniversary December 19, and plans to invite all fire companies in its section of the state to join the celebration at which the organization of an association will be launched.

Chief Morris, Lawrence, Mass., Sees New Bedford Foam Pumper Demonstration—Fire Chief Francis H. Morris, of Lawrence, Mass., was a guest of New Bedford early this month when he witnessed a demonstration of the newly acquired foam pumper recently put into use by the New Bedford department.

Great Falls, Mont., Firemen Remodeling Xmas Toys for Children—The members of the Great Falls, Mont., fire department under the supervision of Chief A. J. Trodick are busy preparing toys for that city’s poor children. Old playthings turned in by thoughtful people soon are renovated “like new” and await their hour to bring happiness to the more unfortunate kiddies.

New McAlester, Okla., Chief Inaugurates Drills and Inspections—Chief Hays Miller, who recently assumed duties as fire chief of McAlester, Okla., is carrying out the requirements of a regular organized fire department by inaugurating semi-weekly drills for members of his department and announcing that a system of inspection of the business district for possible fire hazards will be started soon.

Jackson, Mich., Firemen to Get 5 Per Cent. Raise—The Jackson, Mich., firemen will probably receive a five per cent, salary increase. The budget for 1925 has not been finally adopted but the ways and means committee has written into it the preliminary draft that will increase the salaries. City Manager J. E. Whittaker recommended the increase and there has been no opposition to the five per cent, figure.

Fargo Will Enforce Garage and Repair Shop Ordinance— Fire Chief J. W. Sutherland and the city building inspector of Fargo, N. D., have been instructed to make inspection of garages and repair shops in that city to determine their condition regarding the fire hazard. This is the result of the violation by several garages of the city ordinance covering fire hazards, according to the city attorney. This ordinance provides that no persons shall be allowed to live over any garage or repair shop where gasoline is kept in cars or in storage unless the structure be absolutely fireproof.

St. Joseph Firemen Receive Numerous Donations for Good Work—The St. Joseph, Mo., firemen have received nearly one hundred donations totaling $3,301 for their pension fund in appreciation of their work at fires since Horace G. Regan was appointed chief of the department three and one-half years ago. Chief Regan has stated that the donations were not solicited but came voluntarily from persons who appreciated extra efforts made by the firemen. In addition to this a large number of letters from persons who were unable to give anything but wanted to express their thanks were received.

Veteran Duluth Fireman Retires After 30 Years Service— Arthur A. A. Ebmer, lieutenant of Engine Co. No. 7 retired early this month after 30 years of service with the Duluth, Minn., fire department. He entered the service August 1, 1893, and during his long term of service experienced many narrow escapes while fighting fires. Among his hazardous exploits was the saving of five lives during the burning of the Norris block in 1901. During the Zenith Dye Company blaze in 1905 he was severely burned in a gasoline explosion. Lieutenant Ebmer has left the service with the best wishes of the members of the department and with the praise of Fire Chief Joseph Randall.


Counesy American-LaFrance Fire Engine Company

CRISTMAS EVE is usually an occasion that is made merry by a Firemen’s Ball. and so it was on this occasion. But, as they say in Dingville, onehalf the world never knows what’s going on in the other half, and before the fiddlers had sawed half way through the evening’s program, an alarm of fire fell upon the ears of the merrymakers.

The fear of creating a panic by an abrupt and untimely departure induced the members of the department to continue the set. Besides, it would have eerned ungentlemanly to break away just as the women were getting warmed up to the frolic.

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