Greensburg, Ia.. Purchases Apparatus—A Seagrave ladder truck and a booster pump was purchased by Greensburg, Ia.

Siren Erected in Flora, Ill.—A siren has been installed in Flora. Ill.

Bogota. N. J., Has New Pumper—A Maxim pumper has been placed in service in Bogota, N. J.

New Station at Everett, Wash., Water Front—A new fire station has been placed in service at Everett, Wash., to protect the water front property.

Elizabeth, N. J., Apparatus Carry Whistles—All the

fire apparatus in Elizabeth, N. J., has been equipped with BuckEye exhaust whistles.

Merseles, President of Johns-Mansville Corporation—Theodore F. Merseles has been elected president of the JohnsManville Corporation, manufacturers of asbestos specialties.

Exeter, N. H., Completes Fire Alarm System—The new

fire alarm system of Exeter, N. H., has been completely installed at a cost of $5,000.

Hawthorne, Cal., to Have Call Department—The fire department in Hawthorne, Cal., will be changed from a volunteer organization to one composed of call-men.

Haverhill to Let Contract Soon—-Haverhill, Mass., will soon let the contract for the construction of the new central fire station.

Siren Installed in Orange, Cal.—A siren has been installed in Orange, Cal., and replaces the steam operated whistle which has been costing the city $4 a day for steam.

Many Attend Firemen’s School at Urbana—More than five hundred firemen from Illinois attended the third annual short course for firemen held at the University of Illinois at Urbana.

Falmouth, Mass., Has New Pumper—A 1,000-gallon AhrensFox pumper has been delivered to Chief Ray D. Wells of Falmouth, Mass., for the protection of the summer residents of Woods Hole.

Chancey Heads Florida Firemen—J. D. Chancey, captain of Ladder Company No. 2, Jacksonville, Fla., was elected president of the Florida State Firemen’s Association at the annual meeting held in Holywood. He was formerly vice-president.

New Jersey Chiefs to Meet in Red Bank—The next meeting of the New Jersey Fire Chief’s Association will be held in Red Bank, N. J., on July 21 in the Borough Hall. It is expected that Chief John Kenlon and Dr. Harry Archer of New York city will attend.

Dallas May Erect Drill Tower—A request has been made to appropriate $7,000 with which to construct a concrete and steel drill tower in Dallas, Tex. Should the measure pass, the tower will be erected in Fair Park so that the residents will be able to see the firemen going through their evolutions.

President of N. Y. Firemen Approved—The members of Uniformed Firemen’s Association of New York city are solidly behind Antion Holterback who is their president. The association without a dissenting vote, approved his stand on the eight-hour day plan.

Chief McKinney of Norman, Okla., Resigns—Chief George McKinney has resigned from the Norman, Okla., department after serving for twenty years. Two men have registered for the fire school in Oklahoma City and the one having the highest marks will be made chief to succeed Mr. McKinney.

New Company Placed in Anderson, Ind.—A company has been installed in the attractive bungalow fire station in Anderson, Ind., that was completed some time ago. The building was completed but the city found that it did not have funds with which to finance the manning of a company. Recently Chief Alfrod received instructions to place the station in service.

Statesville, N. C., Firemen Demand New Chief—Members of the Statesville, N. C., fire department appeared before the board of aldermen and demanded the resignation of Chief W. L. Neely or that the city accept the resignation of the members of the department. As the easiest way out of the difficulty, E. R. Rufty, was appointed chief.

Talbot County Forms Fire Association—The Talbot County Firemen’s Association has been organized with the following towns in Maryland as members: Easton, Oxford, St. Michaels, Trappe, Cordova and Tilghman. Oscar Sinclair of Tilghman was elected president and L. S. Gardner of Cordova, secretary.

Niagara Fire Association OrganizedRansomville. New fane and Wilson, N. Y.. organized the Niagara Associated Volunteer Fire Association, the object of which is to render advice and assistance to the various fire companies. The first annual meeting was held in Newfane and Chief Raker of that place was elected president with Chief Doge of Ransonville. secretary.

Montana Firemen Consider Hose Couplings- The standardization of fire hose coupling threads was one of the chief items considered at the annual convention of the Montana State Firemen’s Association in Helena, Mont. It was pointed out that only four fire departments have hose threads that conform to the national standard.

Large Firemen’s Parade in Sunbury, Pa.- More than three thousand firemen were in the line of march in the parade that was one of the features of the convention of the Six-County Volunteer Firemen’s Association that was held in Sunbury, Pa., on June 25. There were many prizes for the best and largest units in the parade. The association will meet next year in Dunmore.

Suffern, N. Y.. Assistant Chief Injured- Fred P. Ernst, second assistant chief of Suffern, N. Y.. has a foot badly crushed for his attempt to board the fire apparatus when it was leaving the fire station on the way to answer an outside call. Chief Ernst has been laid up for several weeks and it is probable, according to the doctors, that the foot will not be well for a few months at least.

Chief Watters of Oak Park, Ill., Banqueted—Chief William C. Watters of Oak Park, Ill., was tendered a surprise banquet by members of the department in the central fire station. Chief Seyferlich of Chicago and Chief McAuliffe of the Chicago insurance patrol were guests. Chief Seyferlich, on behalf of the members, presented Chief Watters with a white rubber coat and helmet.

Schenectady, N. Y., Considering Bond Issue—Schenectady, N. Y„ is considering the floating of a bond issue to finance the purchase of a city service truck to be attached to a two wheel tractor now owned by the city, and for the erection of a new fire headquarters estimated to cost $180,000. They are also considering the construction of a new fire alarm headquarters which together with equipment is estimated to cost $100,000. The city is expecting the delivery of a 1,000-gallon pumper.

Watching the Test of Foam Streams at the Convention of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs The pit of burning gasoline and oils prior to the use of Foamite,fire almost extinguished after the foam streams were applied.

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