Fire Department and Other Reports Received

Fire Department and Other Reports Received

The International Association of Fire Engineers—Proceedings of fifty-second annual convention held in Buffalo, N. Y., August 19-22, 1924. Three hundred and eight pages with list of members, constitution, etc.

Railway Fire Protection Association—Proceedings of the eleventh annual meeting held at Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, Va., October 21 to 23, 1924. Two hundred and nine pages and cover with constitution, by-laws, list of members, etc.

California State Firemen’s Association Proceedings of the second annual convention held at Pasadena, Cal., September 5 and 6, 1924, with constitution, by-laws and list of states represented.

Plymouth Mass.—Seventieth annual report of the water commissioners, superintendent and collector of water rates for 1924. Superintendent Arthur E. Blackmer. Eleven pages with insert of table.

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