It is satisfactory to note that there is a perceptible stir in the manufactories of fire department apparatus and supplies, as the following list will show. From this time forward it may be expected that larger orders will be given by the fire departments, as there is a general awakening taking place as to the necessity of keeping up equipments even in the smaller cities, whence it might be least expected orders would come.

The second Amoskeag engine of the contract for engines made by Pittsburgh, Pa., with the Manchester Locomotive works has been delivered. It is a fourth-size double improved Amoskeag, and at its trial gave complete satisfaction and was accepted. Boston, Mass., has contracted with the same firm for a double, extra, first-size, latest improved Amoskeag steam fire engine, to be propelled by steam, with the latest improvements made in this style of engine. It will have the largest guaranteed capacity of any fire engine in the United States, namely, 1,250 gallons per minute, and it is to be especially designed for use at large fires, away from the area covered by fireboats. and will be called upon to answer all second and third alarms. It is guaranteed to ascend all the grades of the Boston streets at a fast pace, and to show ordinarily greater speed than any other method of propulsion at present used on fire engines.

The I.oeb Respirator Company has received a second order for protectors from Chief McAfee, of the Baltimore fire department. Chief Baxter, of Philadelphia, has also ordered additional protectors,and both officers expressed themselves’as well pleased with the merits of the appliance.

The Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing Company, of Chicago, reports doing a very brisk business during the last few months. At Indianapolis the water tower was tested and gave the greatest satisfaction. At the recent serious fire in Columbus, Ohio, the new Champion water tower was used, and its working greatly aided the department in subduing the flames. This tower combines the principal feature of the Hale patent, combined with valuable improvements introduced by the hire Extinguisher Company. It is now the only apparatus of this kind manufactured in the country. The company has made many sales of chemical engines to the cities of Louisville, Ky., Denison, l ex.; Bedford, la.; Iota. K.ts ; Osawatomic, lvas,; and several others; besides a number of apparatus and miscellaneous fire supplies. II. Lord, of Atchison, Kas., agent of the company,has just closed a contract for two chemical engines anil a hook and ladder truck.

South Bethlehem, Pa., has ordered of Gleason Y Hailey Manufacturing Company, a complete hose wagon outfit including swinging harness and steel collars. A Junior aerial truck with a forty-five feet extension ladder was recently tested at the works of the same firm and the ladder raised by two men in six seconds without removing the horses.

C, N. Richardson, of the Combination Ladder Company has scored a great succsssin the introduction of the Common Sense nozzle It sprang into instant favor upon its introduction at the different firemen’s conventions this season. As has already been mentioned, it met with a large sale from the start. Among other towns to adopt it during the last fortnight, are Bangor, Brewer, Augusta, Gardiner, Hollowed, Auburn, and Lewiston, Me., Bellows Falls, t.. Pittsfield, Adams, Great Barrington, Webster, Mass., and Central Falls, R. I., also Hartford, Conn. During the past month, the Combination Ladder Company has sold 1,500 feet of hose and miscellaneous supplies to New London, Conn., 500 feet of hose and a combination extension ladder equipped with the safety locks to Central Falls, K. I.; new uniforms to Wakefield and Fiskeville, R. I.. Baker cellar-pipes to Memphis, Tenn.. and Gloucester, Mass., flexible pipes and Waldron nozzles at Fall River, Mass. During this time, they have also made the following deliveries: One Gleason «fc Bailey hose wagon at Fair Haven, Mass., one Holloway chemical engine at Hartford, Conn., two Holloway chemical enginesat Southboro, Mass.; one Gleason & Bailey hook and ladder truck to Hyannis, Mass., and one hook and ladder truck to Cranston, K. I., from the same firm.

The Vajen Bader Company, Indianapolis, has received the following second order from the Indianapolis Brewing Company for Vajen-Bader patent head protectors: “We herewith place our order for two more smoke helmets of your manufacture. Kindly send one to the C. F. Schmidt branch and the other to the C. Maus branch. We have given them a thorough test in our late ammonia explosion in which sixteen men were injured, and found them the only safe device. Yours respectfully, Indianapolis Brewing Company, Albert Richer, president.” Three of these helmets have also been soldtoChief Paige, of Joliet, III., after he had made a thorough test of the appliance at the last convention of fire engineers.

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