Fire Department Elections.

Fire Department Elections.

The following chief engineers have been elected:

Frank Pullman, Silver City, Ia.

C. A. Hedges, Marysville, Cal.

C. E. Stub, Independence, Kan.

John Maloney, Fargo, N. Dak.

Harry Onan, Cedar Falls, Ia.

John Cornelius. Antlers, Okla.

Fred Parker, Georgetown, Colo.

Theo. Bantano, McPherson, Kan.

Joseph Gidoni. Meaderville, Mont.

L. C. Rodgers, Olean, N. Y.

Eugene Schwarz, Rochester, Minn.

W. B. Hench, Cresson, Pa.

J. A. C. Knapp, Churchville, N. Y.

S. G. Bernard, Asheville, N. C.

Hugh Waddill. Baton Rouge, La.

E. L. Bramble, Cambridge, Md.

J. G. Walker, Virginia City, Mont.

Peter Jeston, Moosehead, Minn.

W. C. Norton (re-elected), Winona, Minn.

A. G. Stewart, jr., Glassboro, N. J.

Chris O’Brian (re-elected), Shreveport, La.

M. J. Arner. Shelby, Neb.

John Dean, East Peoria, Ill.

Fire Department Elections.

Fire Department Elections.

Beatrice, Neb.—R. R. Woelpe, chief, and Walter Kors, assistant chief; Garfield, N. J., Max Klemm, chief, and Louis Haberthuer, assistant chief; Taylor, Tex., Robert J. Eckhardt, chief; Ottawa, Can., J. W. Graham, chief; Mechanicsville, N. Y., Chief Walsh (re-elected); Winchester, N. H., C. C. Davis, chief; Clarksville, Tenn., William Moore, chief; Oregon City, Ore., Chas. Cromer, chief: Aberdeen, S. !)., E. I. Kingsley, chief; Orient, S. I)., M. Loonier, chief, and Stephen Duckeck, assistant chief; Pierre, S. D., Henry X. W alker, chief, and John Bruce, assist ant chief; Marion, Iowa, Robert Minor, chief.

Vkiu.k.n, S. D.—Aaron Anderson, chief; B. P. 1 lanunerstad, assistant.

WATERTOWN, YVis.—John Glaser, chief; Alexander A. Hardie, assistant.

W INSEOW. Me.—Eugene W . Allen, reappointed.

WEST HAVEN, Conn.—-Charles A. Cameron, chief; John J. Sullivan, assistant chief.

OCEANSIDE. Cai..—John Burkhart, chief; Titos. Draper, assistant.

AOCSTA, Me.—Joseph G. Ricker, chief; Charles G. Hunt, assistant chief.

AUSTIN, Tex.—-George O. YVolter, chief; Ramey Seekatz, assistant.

BROCKVIU.E, Ont.—George M. Brady, chief.

EAST AURORA, X. Y.—Ernest J. Staudcven, president.

GONZALEZ, TEX.-R. A. Remschel, chief; A. E. luce, assistant.’

MARINE, MICHF. YV. Becker, chief; R. R. Holland, assistant.

MILO, Me.—Frank H. Rogers, chief; Paul P. Peakes, assistant.

XOC.AI.ES, ARIZ J. B. Bristol, chief; II M. Clagett, assistant.

RITYVILLE, W ASH, Earl Colwell, chief: A. J. Coss, assistant.

ROSEVILLE. CAI.. G M. Haninch, chief.

1 OWNER, X. 1). E. E. Edwards, chief; J. J. Flanagan, assistant.

A. YY R. Boiler was elected chief and Sam B. Lough assistant chief of the department of Nevada, Iowa.

James li. Gould was elected foreman of the Narragansctt Steam Fire Engine Company, of Providence, R. I.

Frank Kilts was elected foreman of the department of Carthage, X. Y’.