Over 500 Registered at Highly Successful Meeting; Many Subjects Discussed

THE eighteenth annual meeting of the Fire Department Instructors Conference was held at Memphis, Tenn., on January 8-11, with an attendance of well over 500. A most interesting and instructive program was presented by leaders in the field of fire protection.

As always, Richard E. Vernor of the Western Actuarial Bureau, and Chairman of the Conference was key man, with the able assistance of Harry K. Rogers, Vice-Chairman and Emmett T. Cox, Secretary.

Papers Presented at the Instructors’ Conference

Among the topics discussed were: “How to Get the Most Out of this Conference”, by Ben E. Harris, Associate State Supervisor, Trade and Industrial Education, University of Alabama; “The Returned Veteran Fireman” by Chief Roy W. Alsip, Champaign, Ill.; “What We Learned from Civilian Defense” by Robert F. Hamm, Director of Fireman Training, Indiana Inspection Bureau, Indianapolis; “How Technical Should We Be?” by Fred Shepperd, Editorial Director, FIRE ENGINEERING, New York City; “Some Common Errors in Fire Fighting” by Sidney J. Ulrich, Fire Marshal, Peoria, Ill.; “Plant Protection during Strikes” by Captain G. F. Vernotzy, Chief Instructor, Fire Department, Akron, Ohio; “Combination Companies (Quad)” by Chief J. H. Krusenklaus, Louisville Fire Department; “100 Years Ago” by Chief J. W. Just, Director of Fire Service, Training, University of Maryland, College Park; “Industrial Fire Brigade Tournaments” by District Chief F. B. Lucas, Dayton, Ohio; “Exterminating Common Fire School Bugs” by Harry K. Rogers, Chief Instructor, Fire Prevention Department, Western Actuarial Bureau; “How to Improve Equipment for Training Schools” by Joseph I. Fetters, Asst. Supervisor, State Department of Vocational Education, Lincoln, Neb.; “The California Training Program” by Thomas S. Ward, Special Supervisor of Fire Training, Department of Education, Sacramento, Cal.; “Use and Abuse of Fire Alarms” by Calvin G. Lauber, Engineer. National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York; “Peacetime Application of Wartime Lessons” by Horatio Bond, Chief Engineer, National Fire Protection Association, Boston; “Better Showmanship in Training” by Captain James J. Smidl, Air Corps, Patterson Field, Ohio; “Maintaining Morale in A Volunteer Fire Department” by Chief Osborne E. Hirst, Galena, Ill.; “The Importance of the Water Works to the Fire Department” by Harry J. Corcoran, Engineer, Iowa Insurance Service Bureau, Des Moines; “Self-Contained Oxygen Breathing Apparatus” by Lt. Harry H. Wolff, Chicago Fire Department.

A hire Prevention Hour consisting of three twenty-minute presentations included William A. Hamilton, Manager, Chicago Board of Underwriters; Chief Frank Egenreither, St. Louis Fire Department; Chief Ray T. Hall, Benton Harbor, Michigan, Fire Department.

Other papers included the following: “Preventing Bowling Alley Fires” by John H. Craig, State Fire Marshal, Springfield, Ill.; “Some Newer Fire Hazards” by Professor H. R. Brayton, Texas A. & M. College, College Station; ‘Through the Other Fellow’s Spectacles” by W. A. Ross, Consultant, Public Service Occupations, U. S. Office of Education, Washington, D. C.; “Trends in Training School Design” by Warren Y. Kimball, Editor, Volunteer Firemen, National Fire Protection Association, Boston; “Welding Hazards” by William S. Smith, Safety Director, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Mich.; “Atomic Energy as Applied to Fire Control” by Dr. Jefferson Fordyce. Atomic Survey Commission; “Fire Department Cost Records” by Larry B. Schloemer, Fire Prevention Engineer. 6th Service Command, Chicago; “Fighting Aircrash Fires with Ordinary Equipment” by Chief Robert Hanigan, Air Base, Pierre, S. D.; “Maintaining Efficiency of Industrial Fire Brigades” by H. C. Kraemer, Maintenance Supt., Servel, Inc.. Evansville, Ind.; “Essentials of a Modern Fire Station” by George Tatnall, Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago; “What’s New in Minor Equipment?” by W. B. Larkin, Engineer, Missouri Inspection Bureau, St. Louis; “Reconversion Hazards”, by J. T. W. Babcock, Asst. Chief Engineer, Factory Insurance Association. Chicago; and “How to Murder a Demonstration” by Chief J. W. Just, Director of Fire Service Training, University of Maryland. College Park. Two quiz programs, “Inquisition Please”, were conducted by Harry K. Rogers. Those participating included Captain J. W. Davis, Drillmaster, Miami, Fla.; R. C. Loughead, Chief Engineer. Michigan Inspection Bureau, Detroit: R. O. Muenster, Fire Department Instructor. Texas A. & M. College; E. A. Taylor, Deputy State Fire Marshal, Salem, Ore.; R. C. Byrus, Fire Prevention Engineer, Iowa State College, Ames, Ia.; Frank McNea, Battalion Chief, Cleveland, Ohio, Fire Department; L. B. Gregg, Engineer. Oklahoma Inspection Bureau, Oklahoma City; H. S. Elkins, Itinerant Instructor, Tennessee Department of Education; L. C. Anderson. Fire Prevention Engineer, Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office. Toronto; and C. H. Whitaker, State Instructor, Department of Vocational Education, Jackson, Miss.

Luncheons Provided by the City of Memphis Were Enjoyed By All

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