Fire Department Officers Inspect Water Works

Fire Department Officers Inspect Water Works

The officers—battalion chiefs, captains and lieutenants— of the Indianapolis, Ind., fire department were guests of the Indianapolis Water Company on November 3, in an inspection of the company’s Riverside Pumping Station. The following program was arranged: “Inspection of Station 12:30 to 1:15. Luncheon 1:20 in the Davis Building. Reading of data in reference to the Indianapolis Water Company’s property, F. C. Jordan. The Operation of our Pumping Stations, T. C. M. Mauch. The Filtration of Water, H. E. Jordan. Co-operation between the Indianapolis Fire Department and the Indianapolis Water Company, J. J. O’Brien, chief fire force. Efficient Water Service, C. L. Kirk.”

J. E. Riedel, Chief Fire Prevention, Indianapolis

A typewritten pamphlet, neatly gotten up, was presented to each man. Its title was “The Water Supply of Indianapolis, November 1, 1922. Data Prepared for Members of the Indianapolis Fire Department, Our Guests, on a Trip of Inspection of the Riverside Pumping Station.” A detailed description of the company’s water works followed.

The portrait herewith is that of Jacob E. Riedel, chief of the division of fire prevention of the Indianapolis Fire department. Mr. Riedel has been a prime mover in the active campaign for Fire Prevention in Indianapolis under the direction of Frank C. Jordan, secretary of the water company.

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