Fire Department Wrecker for Philadelphia

Fire Department Wrecker for Philadelphia

The use of the department wrecker wagon has become necessary to the up-to-date fire department, especially since the introduction of motor propelled apparatus, in order to take care of trucks which through collision or other accident have become disabled and other necessarily heavy work. The New York and Philadelphia department are both equipped with units of this description and the illustrations herewith show one of each. The equipment of the Philadelphia apparatus which is mounted on a model AC Mack truck, consists of a 10,000 pound winch, with double nigger-heads located directly back of the cab. An overhead structure with pulleys and lifting hooks, by means of which steel cable operated from the winch, is used for lifting weights up to five tons at the rear end of the truck. On the platform body are mounted two benches which are used for carrying repair kits and all necessary tools for use on the truck. On the top of each bench is a vise to permit any immediate repair work that is necessary on the ground.

Type of Wrecker in Use by the New York Fire Department

At the rear end of the truck, underneath the chassis frame, are mounted two heavy jacks which are lowered to take the strain off the truck springs, when the winch is used for hoisting. A light overhead frame work above the heavy I-beam structure is used for the purpose of stretching a tarpaulin to permit work to be done in rainy weather and provide protection to the men in the body. This tarpaulin is carried on a rack back of the cab when not in use. Special fenders and running boards mounted on this truck give it the appearance of a fire engine, and an ungoverned motor is installed to permit higher speed than standard. It also has electric starting and lighting equipment. The equipment of the New York wrecker which is also illustrated herewith is similar to that of the Philadelphia unit.

Seventeen additional fire stations will be erected in the city of Los Angeles, Cal., according to Fire Chief Scott. The contract for the Gardner Junction station has been awarded and the work of erection will soon be started. It is said that the largest of these will be erected on the site of the present Hill Street station, at a cost of $300,000. This building will be modern in every respect. In order to properly man the seventeen new stations it will be necessary to employ 650 additional men.

Three Views of Wrecker Truck in Use by the Bureau of Fire of Philadelphia, Pa.

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