Fire Destroys Berkely, Mich., Department

Fire Destroys Berkely, Mich., Department

Fire of mysterious origin destroyed the fire department and fire alarm equipment of Berkely, Mich., as well as two motor cycles belonging to the police department. It also wrecked a new pumping engine.

The Royal Oak department which fought the flames, as a result of this incident, have insured their fire alarm equipment. A member of the state fire commission who investigated the fire said that the circumstances were very suspicious.

Chief Elmer Flechsig left the town hall and talked with the chief of the police at the curb. A moment later some one saw smoke and called their attention to it. Before they could investigate. an explosion tore the heavy iron doors from the building and the flames ignited several oil containers in the building; the blaze spread to the village hall occupied by the police department.

The Royal Oak fire department was called but before it could arrive, the building was completely destroyed. One of the oil containers was found in a new location, and the chief is inclined to regard this as a valuable piece of evidence that points towards an investigation of the fire.

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