Fire Engine Wrecked

Fire Engine Wrecked

Engine No. 36, a tractor driven steam fire engine of the Boston, Mass., Fire Department, was overturned and damaged recently when Driver James A. Brown swerved the heavy machine sharply to the right to avoid striking a pedestrian and hitting an automobile which suddenly shot out from an intersecting street. The apparatus was responding to an alarm from Box 464, corner of Cambridge and Spice Streets, Charlestown, and was on the long grade of Bunker Hill Street after leaving the fire station on Monument Square when the emergency occurred.

It was impossible to avert the accident and as the engine overturned Chauffeur Brown and Engineer Richard McEaughlin were thrown heavily to the pavement. McLaughlin escaped injury, but Brown was sent to the Relief Hospital where he was treated for a dislocated shoulder and severe bruises.

Righting Overturned Steamer of Boston Fire Department Wrecked to Avoid Collision or Injury to Pedestrian

The engine was badly damaged and the automobile which caused the accident and was struck a glancing blow was partly wrecked and upset. It was owned and operated by Frank R. Shepard, of the General Baking Company, who jumped out in time to escape injury. The alarm to which the apparatus was responding was sounded for a chimney fire.

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