Fire Engineering and Fire Prevention

Fire Engineering and Fire Prevention

From the Publisher’s Desk

“If I had a fire in my house, I would stay calm and cool. Then I would walk out the door.”

These are the written words of a child that lead off the article by Dick Sylvia (our associate editor) on page 40 of this issue. The article, a how-to piece, tells how Chief V. Paul Leddy of Hamden, Conn., got together with the local school principal to put on a fire prevention program in the classroom.

When our editor heard of the program, he thought so much of it that he sent Dick up to Hamden—with camera—to report on it, and the results you have in your hand.

Still another article in this issue that deals with children was prepared for us hy Rexford Wilson when he was director, Fire Service Extension Department, the University of Maryland. The article describes how the volunteer department at Riverdale Heights, Md. (Company 13) conducted a Fire Education Week for children in their fire station.

The program that these dedicated volunteers evolved consists of picking up the children at school with a reserve piece of apparatus and taking them to the firehouse for a visit. There, they are exposed to the fire fighter, his tools and equipment, and the perils of fire.

There are other articles on fire prevention in this issue. In fact, the whole issue beginning with the cover has been themed to this subject. Exit drills, nursing homes, home inspections, the perils of gasoline seepage, all were grist for our editorial mill. And all were either staff written or solicited by us from experts in the fire service.

We tell you this to emphasize that FIRE ENGINEERING and fire prevention have walked hand in hand for the past 90 years. And that many of the articles on fire prevention published in FIRE ENGINEERING eventually became standard practice throughout the country—much in the same way that articles on apparatus and equipment have become standard.

And speaking of apparatus and equipment, let’s give one last call for the IAFC Conference and Exhibits at San Francisco. There is still time to reserve space to show your wares to what will probably be the biggest assemblage of fire chiefs ever.

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