From the Fire Engineering Vault: Hackensack Ford Fire

On July 1, 1988, five Hackensack (NJ) firefighters were killed in the line of duty during a collapse at Hackensack Ford. The tragic incident underscored just how deadly bowstring truss roofs can be when exposed to fire conditions.

Now you can download Fire Engineering Technical Editor Glenn Corbett’s original August 1988 report on the fire, as well as a commentary by Tom Brennan, the magazine editor at the time.

CLICK HERE to download Glenn’s report (about 4 MB) and CLICK HERE for Tom’s commentary (about 1 MB).

For more on trusses in construction, consider TEN MILES AND TEN YEARS, Construction Concerns for Firefighters: Trusses, Truss Roof Fire, Wyckoff, New Jersey, and Reading A Building РThe Bowstring Roof.

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