After the example of New York, Massachusetts and other States Ohio is about to organise an association of the chief engineers of its fire departments. The chiefs were notified of the intention to form such an association by the following circular from Chief Merz, of Akron:

“My Dear Chief:

“Why is it that this great State of Ohio has not an association of chief engineers of the fire departments—this being one of the few States in the Union that has not got an organisation of this kind? I think we are slow, and it also reflects much discredit upon the chiefs of this State, not having been on the alert about this important question. Allow me to suggest that we get together without delay and act. I have attended chiefs’ conventions, both State and National, and the benefits derivable from such associations are undeniable. The State association especially is what we need and want; it brings men of the same calling into more intimate and personal intercourse than can be found at a National convention, and those participating in the State gatherings can discuss not only the newest methods of firefighting, but, also, those local condi tions as to legislation and the like which cannot be fully talked over in a National convention, but can he taken up and threshed out in a State convention. We have some very important legislation to watch in the future, and, while the members of the Cleveland fire department have always responded very liberally in time of need or danger, I think it is high time that we get over the idea of being selfish, but get together and organise at once, and all bear our share of the expense to care for all the members of the fire departments as they should be taken care of in this great State of Ohio. To bring this matter before you right, I ask you to kindly answer the questions on inclosed blank and mail same to my address at once; your answers to questions to count as a vote for or against, and the majority to rule and decide this important matter. I shall be pleased to notify you of the results, as soon as I have received the answers to my questions. Trusting to receive a reply at once, I beg to remain “Very truly yours,



“Chief Fire Department,

“Akron, Ohio.”

Writing to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, under date of November 25, 1904, Chief Mertz says; “I have received about thirty replies from chiefs of the State in favor of the move,” and follows up that letter with another dated, November 26, 1904, in which he states that a meeting has been called to be held at Columbus on December 6 to organise the association. “The Great Southern hotel (he adds) will be our headquarters, and the meetings will be held in the large assembly-room of the hotel. After the business meetings the following has been provided for: Visit to the Ohio penitentiary; theatre party; trolley ride, if the weather permits; and a banquet. A general invitation is extended to all chiefs and their friends to help make this meeting a grand success.” Chief Lauer, of the Columbus fire department, has been instrumental in arranging so happily for the reception, accommodation, and entertainment of the chiefs.

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