Fire Equipment Digest

Fire Equipment Digest


Mobile Series

General Electric has introduced the MASTR Delta series of mobile radios, featuring 110 watts of power from a no-tune broad band power amplifier, wireless construction, compatibility with positive or negative ground electrical systems and weatherproof case and accessories which meet environmental standards.

Options include field-programmable channel guard tones, DTMF encode and/or decode, public address and four-channel priority search lock monitor.

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Fire Extinguishers

Justrite Manufacturing Co. now offers a temperature-actuated fire extinguisher, for mounting in cabinets containing flammable liquids. The extinguisher automatically discharges 1.5 lbs. of Halon 1301 whenever temperature melts a fusible link at 212 , for coverage up to 75 cu. ft.

Halon 1301 is colorless, odorless, and leaves no residue. Justrite model 25981 carries FM approval and certification from the Marine Testing Institute. It carries a limited three-year warranty.

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Composite Cylinder

MSA offers a lightweight composite cylinder weighing 10 1/2 pounds, made of aluminum and glass filaments. It is interchangable with steel cylinders and uses the same refilling systems.

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EMS Training Aid

Simulaids, Inc. now has anatomically correct models of arms and hands with bloodcirculating veins, for practicing and training IV injection or the taking of blood samples.

The life-size sculpted training aids come with plastic pouch reservoir to hold artificial blood. Clamps permit gravity control of simulated blood circulation through the network of veins.

The vinyl arms and hands reproduce both the weight and feel of a human limb, with removable skin. The “skin” is capable of innumerable needle punctures and has discernable veins.

An emergency childbirthing ob manikin is also available.

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Breathing Air Monitor

Energetics Science Division of Becton Dickinson & Co. has developed a breathing air monitor, the Ecolyzer System 4100. It presents a carbon monoxide reading specific to one ppm, requires no warmup time, has a three-electrode sensor, no lubricants, no humidification, and exceeds current and proposed OSHA (grade D) requirements.

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Spill Mat

Clark Products Co. has developed the Spilstopper, a flexible elastomeric mat that seals off surfacte-mounted drains, manholes, grates and the like from spilled petroleum and other EPA-monitored pollutants. The mat seals off previously unprotectable terrains, including grates located on grass, gravel, sand, asphalt or concrete pavements. The Spilstopper is bright orange, portable and inert to most caustics.

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Strobe Horn

Wheelock Signals now offers the 7000 Series strobe horn, an audible signal combined with a visual strobe signal. Together the light and horn draw .063 mills, in current.

The light source uses a xenon flashtube with a rated life of 200 hours, at one to three flashes per second with 8000 candlepower per flash. For use indoors and out, the 7000 Series is UL listed for operation across a wide voltage range — 18 VDC through 31 VDC.

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Liquid-Filled Gages

Marsh Instrument Co. has introduced a line of liquid-filled gages which can handle pressure intake surges, discharge fluctuations and vibration from the line and from the fire apparatus.

The gages come in two compund ranges, 30 by 600 psi and 30 by 1000 psi, and the industry standard range, 0 to 600 psi.

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First Aid Course

Emergency Medical Planning Inc. is offering an 8-hour CPR and first aid course. Medic First Aid is a slide and tape modular media program that teaches CPR, obstructed airway techniques, control of bleeding, shock, patient care for the unconscious, patient assessment and patient evaluation.

The course includes 650 color slides, divided into 27 sequences and each module is designed to stand by itself. The course comes in a footlocker with five student packs, books and materials for 10 students, seven slide tape modules of instruction and instructor pack and lesson guide.

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Respirator Sensor

Impact Instrumentation Inc. now offers a respiratory sensor, Model 409, an instrument capable of detecting respiratory arrest. It provides a beep during each exhalation and has a selectable 10 or 20second arrest alarm delay period. Power is provided by a 9-volt battery, which warns when capacity falls to 80 percent.

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