Fire Equipment Digest

Fire Equipment Digest


Gas Detector

Harco Corp., offers Gastrac, a highly-sensitive gas leak detector, capable of detecting as little as 10 ppm methane-in-air. It is capable of warning, via audible alarm, of the presence of most types of combustible gases. Gastrac should detect the presence of gasoline or lighter fluid fumes when arson is suspected, according to the manufacturer.

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Rectangular Strobe

Whelen Engineering Company, Inc., has added a rectangular sealed beam strobe to its emergency lighting line. A single Max Beam strobe provides 180 degrees of warning light. The Whelen System 11 light output is nearly double that required by the federal ambulance standard KKK-A 1822A.

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Pump Shaft Change

Waterous Company has added a detachable, two-piece impeller shaft to its CM/CS fire pumps so that the pump and transmission can le separated without disassembly of either component. The benefit of this new design, according to the company, is simplified repair procedures. The separate impeller and transmission shafts are coupled hy a slip-fit spline while a pilot keeps them in precise alignment. The impeller shaft assembly is supported at both ends by ball hearings.

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Protective Clothing

Cairns & Brother offers the neoprenecoated Nomex Aquamid protective garment system consisting of pants and coat. The garments provide watertight, thermal protection. Major seams are sewn with double-stitched Nomex thread and are neoprene-strapped to prevent water intrusion.

Cut from a raglan sleeve pattern, the coat has a neoprene-coated vapor barrier and a Nomex batt liner sewn in at the neck. Reflexite trim for high visibility is used and pocket and collar closures are Velcro.

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Respirator Cleaner

Georgia Steel & Chemical Co., Inc., offers Fresh-Kit, a respirator cleaning system for individual use. The kit uses a cleaning program with built-in controls. The system will clean, disinfect and store SCBA, and consists of a cleaning pail, tools, sterile storage bag and an EPA-approved cleaner. The system meets the recommendations issued by ANSI, NIOSH and OSHA.

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Halogen Lantern

Streamlight, Inc., offers the Litebox, a 6.7-pound lantern built around a six-volt, 10 amp-hour battery rechargable 300 times. Its halogen lamp has 25,000 candlepower, which last for eight hours, according to the manufacturer. It comes with a charging rack that can he mounted on a flat surface and a positive locking device that holds the lantern until a quick-release push-bar is tapped. When in the rack, the lantern is on continuous charge. It can be used as a portable or fixed light. The lamp may be set at a fixed angle to throw light where needed.

Made of orange high-impact plastic, the lantern uses an 8-watt floodlamp, good for 8 hours. The beam covers an area more than 20 feet wide at a distance of 60 feet.

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Chimney Fire Tool

N. A. Taylor Co., Inc., has introduced the Chim-Ram, for fighting chimney fires. It allows a roof climber to unblock a plugged flue by placing the tool into place and releasing it down the chimney. The ChimRam slings over the back, leaving hands free for climbing.

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F.D. Software

Fisco, Inc., offers a computer software system called The Fire Inspection System. It receives information from fire/safety inspections of eligible locations and reinspections of those locations cited for violations, automatically issuing inspection and re-inspection worksheets prior to assigned inspection dates. The system maintains a current history file for each location, provides a master address listing for quick reference and issues management reports.

Also, for each location inspected, an emergency data card is printed on a card, containing information such as shutoff locations to be used when responding to a fire or other emergency. The FIS can be installed on most cities’ existing computer systems.

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Emergency Light

Firestar Inc., offers a ceiling mounted emergency light, the Firestar Beacon, that is connected to a building’s smoke detector. When smoke is detected, the light drops and shines two feet above the floor. The bright, pulsating strobe light can guide people crawling to safety. It uses 2.3 watts of power when inactive, and will shine for eight hours on its battery power.

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Talking Exit Signs

Exit-Us, Inc., offers Talking Exit Signs, a multi-message unit, and a multi-lingual unit, controlled by a microprocessor programmed to broadcast safety messages from synthesized speech. Messages available are: Attention – Fire – Exit This Door; Rower Failure – Remain Calm; Warning! This Exit Not Safe; For Your Safety – Remember The Location Of All Exits, and a public address function. The multi-lingual exit sign broadcasts the word “exit” in up to three languages in continuous rotation. Choices include English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, and two Chinese dialects, Mandarin and Cantonese. The signs meet current building codes and comply with the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code.

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Mobile Antennas

The Antenna Specialists Co., has introduced a complete line of Avanti on-glass, half-wave antennas, to cover low band, high band and UHF. The antennas feature a “duo-bond” adhesive system to attach the base and coupling units to glass, fiberglass or other non-conductive surfaces. Avanti onglass antennas can be installed in about 15 minutes, and no special tools are needed. Because the antenna does not use a ground plane, pattern distortions are minimized and the antenna is broad-banded.

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Pump Packing

Waterous Company offers Grafoil packing, a pump packing designed to eliminate leakage probl§ms. The pure graphite packing minimizes leakage, and shaft wear is negligible. Heat dissipation should improve. Grafoil packing is an option on Waterous CM, CS, CG, CL, CP-1 and CP-2 series pumps.

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Selectone Corporation has added model ST-301 to its line, a two-tone sequential decoder with a CTCSS encoder on a miniature circuit board. It is designed for applications requiring a selective calling decoder and a CTCSS encoder to access tone-controlled repeaters or base stations. Featuring full field tunability, the decoder provides a latched output to unmute receiver audio upon receipt of a call.

Two versions of the ST-301 are available; model ST-301A compatible with high-speed, high-frequency (800 hz to 2800 hz) tone formats, and the ST-301B, compatible with slow-speed, low-frequency (300 hz to 1600 hz).

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Rescue Tool

I’aratech Inc., offers the Biel Tool, a personal size multi-purpose rescue and forcible entry tool that can cut sheet metal, pry and chop. The tool weighs three pounds, is 15 inches long, closed, and can be carried in a hunker coat pocket or worn on a belt. The tool extends for extra leverage prying and can he separated for two-tool efficiency.

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Air Splints

Kerno-Washington, Inc., offers full leg and foot and ankle air splints that open to the toe. They feature two-wall vinyl construction with nylon zippers and screw-type air valves, and are available individually or as components of model 663, an inflatable splint kit. The kit rolls up into a package 6 by 18 inches.

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Pager Holder

Professional Products, Co., offers the Sure-Grip pager holder, with a lock-hold design, made of cowhide. It fits any belt size, and a pager will not push loose or fall off even when forced, but is easily released. The holder has a one-year guarantee.

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Hydraulic Extrication

H.K. Porter, Inc., offers the RX5000A and RX5000B hydraulic extrication equipment with a maximum spreading force of 10,000 pounds each. The power ripping and opening tools have a maximum spread of 12 inches. The power for the RX5000A is supplied by an air/hydraulic foot or hand-activated pump. For the RX5000B, there is a finger-tip control handle and pump assembly. Both work from standard air bottles, air brakes or a cascade system. Each weighs approximately 50 pounds.

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Soft Trauma Pack

Zee Medical Products Co., Inc., offers a soft trauma pack that is also a backpack. The Soft Trauma Pak is fully stocked for emergencies ranging from airway and breathing difficulties to severe trauma.

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Vapor Tracer

American Gas & Chemical Co., Ltd., offers the CG Tracer model 501, a handheld battery operated vapor tracer capable of sensing traces of gasoline and fuel oils. The CGT can check for truck, train or storage tank leaks, or to verify gasoline leaks into ground water. The detector can detect concentrations as low as 2 ppm of propane and 10 ppm of natural gas. The meter gives an indication of the quantity of vapor present, as well as the location. An audible alarm can be switched on to aid in the detection or to act as a monitor. The sensitivity is adjustable to three detection ranges.

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Fire Equipment Digest

Fire Equipment Digest


Battery Charger

JaBro Batteries, Inc., offers a converter kit which protects against over-charging batteries, model C-40. The kit is an add-on PC board designed and built for use in Wilson, Yaesu, Regency and Force chargers for walkie-talkie batteries. The device automatically switches the charger from fast charge to a trickle charge once the battery has reached full charge.

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Gas Detector

Grace Industries, Inc., has improved its hydrocarbon accelerant and/or gas detector, the Electronic Nose, Model C. It detects hydrocarbon accelerants and features an electronic purge, which permits quick recovery of the sensor element when exposed to high levels of hydrocarbon concentrations. It is housed in an all-steel enclosure and may be clipped onto a belt. The sensor is attached to a 6-foot retractile cord and when the sensor is exposed to a gas, an audible and visual alarm is triggered —the faster the beep, the higher the concentration of gas. A battery charger is included.

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Warning Lights

Noren Products, Inc., offers the Red Eyes, warning lights attached to the bumper of a vehicle, or directly in the lamp housing of four-headlight vehicles. Permanently mounted, it gives 250,000 candlepower at the flick of the switch. The quartz halogen lights draw 55 watts and fit all vehicles.

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Communications System

J.E.I. offers a communication voice recording system, model 803, featuring two channels for recording telephone and radio communications, automatic voice control operation, instant replay, and uses standard cassettes. The 803 provides several days of recording capability, full logic transport, and solid state electronics. It is available with time log.

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Diesel Pumps

Multiquip Inc., has introduced a line of Hatz diesel-powered pumps, in trash and centrifugal models, and in 2 and 3-inch configurations. The centrifugal models can pump up to 200 gpm. The units feature a wrap-around tubular steel frame, to protect the pump and engine and the pumps are shock-mounted to minimize vibrations. The casing is made of die-cast aluminum and the volute and impeller are of cast iron. The pumps have a double volute design, for quick, positive priming while minimizing clogging, plastic fill and drain plugs and stainless steel hardware is standard, as are cast iron suction and discharge nipples.

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Emergency Chair

Egen Polymatic Corp., has introduced a chair that glides down stairs with no special attachments, for seated evacuation of the handicapped when elevators are closed. The Evac-Chair is guided down stairs and around landings by one person, and can hold up to 250 pounds. It weighs less than 15 pounds and comes fully assembled.

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Kitchen Fire System

Ansul Fire Protection has introduced a restaurant kitchen fire suppression system employing a potassium-base liquid agent. The Ansul R-102 system consists of a 3-gallon stainless steel tank, an Ansul Automan regulated release mechanism, a detection system, and piping and nozzles for distribution. If fire starts in a cooking appliance or in appliance ventilation ductwork, it is detected by a system which punctures a nitrogen cartridge, pressurizing the agent tank and discharging the liquid agent on the fire. Each nozzle is designed for specific, maximum coverage. The detection system has the ability to control gas and power shut-off devices. When the extinguishing agent, Ansulex combines with hot grease it forms a soapy foam blanket that reduces the release of combustible vapors, and cools the grease.

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