Fire Escape Provides Quick and Safe Escape

The invention of the FireScape offers a creative concept for an escape seat that is operated by a watertight, fireproof motorized cable system. The FireScape is designed to fall under the force of gravity with motorized power. This unique system provides a safe exit, by slowing terminal velocity and facilitating a smooth landing.

The FireScape was invented by Sonia Hudson of Brooklyn, New York, who states, “This invention is designed to prevent the catastrophe of persons trapped in upper level buildings during a fire, by providing a safe method of transport from burning or crumbling structures. The FireScape was primarily conceived for civilian rescue, but could also be employed by those in military and rescue missions, as well.”

To view a graphic of the FireScape, along with complete information on design features, advantages, benefits, target markets and distribution channels, see the attached brochure. View the webpage for this product at: or or

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