Fire Exhibit at N. Y. World’s Fair

Fire Exhibit at N. Y. World’s Fair

A century of fire-fighting in America will be graphically portrayed in the Court of Peace of the New York World’s Fair on August 15.

A cavalcade of fire-fighting equipment used during the last century will feature the convention, national tournament and parade of the Firemen’s Association, State of New York, and the Insurance Company of North America.

Sponsored jointly by the two organizations. apparatus deserving of places in museums will be paraded in the show place of the World of Tomorrow to highlight Volunteer Firemen’s Day at the World’s Fair.

A short procession, with the Queens County Veteran Volunteer Fire Companies and their bands, will launch the parade into the Court of Peace. The famous Mummers of Philadelphia will join in the parade.

The parade will assemble on Rainbow Avenue, near the Long Island Railroad Plaza, head down the Court of Communications and enter colorful Constitution Mall at the Trylon and Perisphere.

Demonstrations of fire fighting will mark the Court of Peace program following the parade.

The Exempt and Veteran Associations of Queens County will show the methods and apparatus used in early Colonial Days—the days of George Washington, whose inauguration 150 years ago, the World’s Fair commemorates.

More modern apparatus and methods then will be shown, culminating with a thrilling exhibition of up-to-the-minute fire machines in action as operated by Nassau County volunteer fire companies.

A vaudeville entertainment will conclude the program.

The activities of Tuesday, however, will not conclude the week’s program designed to accent advances in fire fighting.

On Thursday, August 17, a national tournament, sponsored by the Insurance Company of North America, will be held adjacent to the World’s Fair by the Firemen’s Association, State of New York.

The following day a parade, under auspices of the Firemen’s Association, State of New York, will wind through the streets of Flushing, to disband at the World’s Fair.

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