Fire Fans to Meet at Milwaukee

Fire Fans to Meet at Milwaukee

During the past few years, the number of fire fan organizations in the country has increased quite rapidly, until at the present time there are such organizations in cities from Coast to Coast.

Up to date there has never been a bond between the various fan associations. That a national association be formed has been suggested by Box 12 Association in Detroit, one of the older organizations, formed in 1926.

At a recent meeting of that group, the subject was fully discussed and it was the consensus of opinion that a national organization, meeting simultaneously in Convention with the International Association of Fire Chiefs, would result in much good.

In cities in which fire buff organizations have been m existence, they have been very helpful to municipal Fire Departments. Including many local members prominent in local business circulars, the influence of the fire buff organizations has been one of material benefit to the Fire Department.

Among the more active fire fan organizations are the following: Box 4 Association, Worcester, Mass.; Box 52 Association, Boston, Mass.; Box 7 Association, Dayton, Ohio; Box 12 Associates, Detroit, Mich.; Box 13 Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio; Box 22 Association, New Haven, Conn., and Box 91 Associates, of Philadelphia, Pa.

Heading the Detroit organization, and active in bringing the fire buffs together at an annual Convention in Milwaukee this year, is Paxton Mendelssohn, of 2428 Buhl Building, Detroit, Mich. Mr. Mendelssohn has cooperated in the formation of several fire fan clubs, and his experience with Box 12 Associates has proven very useful in this respect. Details of the proposed Milwaukee meeting may be secured direct from Mr. Mendelssohn.

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