Fire Fighting Facilities of Fond Du Lac

Fire Fighting Facilities of Fond Du Lac

In a report just issued by the committee on fire prevention and engineering standards of the National Board of Fire Underwriters on the fire protection system of Fond Du Lac, Wis., of which Chief Charles Doll, who was appointed on October 1, 1909, is the head, the committee refers in part as follows to the fire department:

“The fire department is under the command of a competent and experienced chief, but no assistant chief is appointed. Methods of appointment and promotion are satisfactory, but provisions for pension and retirement are somewhat deficient. The department is undermanned, but the response of the off-shift to fires somewhat offsets this deficiency. The existing companies are well distributed but an additional engine company is needed. Chemical protection is adequate. With the increase in height of buildings in the business district an aerial ladder truck, equipped with a ladder pipe, is needed. Apparatus and stations are in good condition. Discipline appears to be good but is not rigid. No drill tower is provided and apparatus drills are held only for the ladder company. The response to alarms is satisfactory to all sections but the absence of any one on duty at headquarters to receive alarms for a second fire is undesirable. Extensive use is made of chemicals and shut-off nozzle, but fire methods could be greatly improved by the experience to be gained at a modern drill school, and the use of 3-inch hose and salvage appliances. Building inspections by department members are of some value, but should be more rigid and more detail records kept. Department records are fair.

“The fire alarm system is a part of the fire department and fairly well maintained. Headquarters is in a building of ordinary construction which is seriously exposed and contains severe hazards.

“The lack of an organized building department prevents proper supervision over building construction. While the State laws contain many good features, they are not well enforced by the municipality, and the municipal laws are entirely inadequate for a city of this size. The fire limits are of only fair extent, and do not include sufficient surrounding territory to properly protect the principal mercantile district. Construction in general from a fire pr_____ention standpoint is poor, but appears to be improving somewhat in buildings recently erected.”

The Boston Fire College opened on December 4 with a 14-day course. Lieutenant Daniel W. Baker who is drill master of the department is in charge of the college.

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