Fire Fighting in New York.

Fire Fighting in New York.

Dock Commissioner J. Sergeant Cram lives in a spacious four-story brown-stone front at 5 East Thirty-eighth street, two doors from Fifth avenue. The family had just finished dinner Monday evening when two fire engines, with tenders, two hook and ladder companies and two battalion chiefs arrived at Fifth avenue and Thirty-eighth street. Policeman Crinion had seen smoke and sparks coming from a chimney, and had sent out an alarm. The truck companies unlimbered their apparatus, and the hose was spun off the tenders. One stream was sufficient, however, and the fire was out in a jiffy. One of the firemen made his way upstairs to see if everything was all right. He found Commissioner Cram reading a book in the library.

“ Your chimney’s been afire, sir,”said the fireman. “ Oh !”

” We’ve got it out, 1 guess.” “ Ah !”

“ I don’t see any sign of fire here. Good day.” and the booted fireman tramped out.

“Thank you; good day,” and the commissioner resumed the reading of his book.

The clang and clatter of engines announced to the residents around Chatham square at half-past niue o’clock Monday night that there was a fire in their neighborhood. Before the firemen had stretched their hose the rumor got around that the clothing house of the Only Original Cohen was burning. Multitudes of the relatives and friends of the nineteen Only Originals swarmed around their stores. The fire was in the house of the twentieth Only Original, whose Christian name is Jacob.

The nineteen received congratulations on the escape of their merchandise, and the twentieth on the fact that he was insured. All the nineteen, according to report in Baxtei street are also insured. Jacob’s place is 182 Park row, under the Gilbert lodging house. The fire broke out in the cellar, and, burning through, wrecked the store on the ground floor. Mr. Cohen’s hanging sign defied the blaze, performing its function of telling the crowd that the only original Cohen made pants to order for $3. Mr. Cohen’s loss is said to approximate $2000.

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